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Standing Out at CES 2013 with a Kaboo Bag

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I’m heading to CES (my first time!) and I have to tell you, it’s a little bit intimidating thinking about the 150,000 expected attendees at the event and the fact that the majority will be total techies-in-the-know. So what I’m relying on is to get in with the in-crowd, party it up and learn about cool products that I’ll be able to review.  With my incredible personality (um, okay, maybe not that one so much) and my sense of fashion, which will set me apart from most black-tech-bag carrying geeks. I won’t have your usual black/gray bag hanging from my shoulder. Nope. I’m going to make a statement with my new Kaboo bag – “The Charlotte”. It’ll have everyone saying, “Oooh… I want to go hang out with her!” with its sleek chevron pattern on the outside. At least, that’s the idea.

“The Charlotte” comes in Navy and it’s one of 13 different tablet bags offered by Kaboo. What makes this tablet bag so awesome, besides the fact that it has a very distinctive look, is the patent-pending tech pouch. The Kaboo tech pouch, with a magnetic closure, goes beyond simply having a place to put your tablet in with its shock-absorbing cradle that is tailored to protect your gadget. The tech pouch makes it so that the tablet never touches the bottom of your handbag. Because it’s elevated, it doesn’t matter how many times you drop your bag because your tablet will never hit the floor.

This bag also features seven other pockets that I will use to organize my phone, pens, notebook and business cards. However, I don’t want it to weigh too much so I can keep the initial contents to a minimum and allow space to stash all the precious products that I will, hopefully, be showered with during the three days that I am at CES.

As far as geekyness goes, this tech bag is ranking high because it does accommodate my lifestyle AND my sense of fashion. I appreciate being able to drop my bag without worrying about my iPad breaking. I also like the attention to detail that Kaboo has put into its bag – especially the metal feet under the bag that keep it from touching the floor and the Kaboo-branded metal rings on the straps (which came very carefully wrapped in plastic). It also comes with its own dust bag, which you will definitely want to use because this is a bag you’ll want to keep for a while.

You can find out more about Kaboo products via their website: http://KabooBags.com and connect with them on Twitter (@KabooProducts) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kaboobags).

Meet #LatinaGeeks Contributor:

Pattie Cordova, a 20-something techie Latina mom of two young boys who is always on the go.  Living Mi Vida Loca is her outlet where she gets to talk about where’ she’s been, what products she is using, and what she’s watching.  She refuses to compromise style, beauty or fun.  You can follow her on Twitterhttp://Twitter.com/PattieCordova or YouTube: http://YouTube.com/PattieCordova 

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

  1. Pattie Cordova says

    I love the bag. It’s so functional, trendy and it keeps my iPad nice and safe!

    1. Lala Castro says

      I love Tech Fashion. <3

  2. Jasmine Forte says

    Such a cool bag!!! Everything in one place. I so need to get my hands on one of these!

    1. Lala Castro says

      They have different designs too. I definitely need one as well. 🙂

  3. Trina says

    Love love love that bag. So cute and perfect for conventions. Good luck and have fun at CES. Remember there is so much to see, don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get to see it all. I LOVE CES and hope to go back next year. Have fun!!

  4. Catalina says

    Super cute bag! When traveling or while at conferences I’m always concerned about totting too much weight. This bag looks shoulder friendly.

    1. Lala Castro says

      Don’t you hate it when the straps cut through your shoulders. Ouch! That will be today at CES.

  5. Yvonne Condes says

    I love this bag so much. Is it big enough for a camera and lense?

    1. Lala Castro says

      I’m sure it does, they have other styles as well. I need to get a new bag myself, this would be so perfect for my meetings. I already stick my ipad in my bag, but probably not the safest.

  6. Deborah Stambler says

    Have a great and fashionable time!

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