2015 Kia Sedona SX-L: Not Yo Mama’s Mini-Van

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Could you imagine driving a mini-van? I never thought I would until I was asked to test drive a Kia Sedona mini-van.  My instant reaction was laughter when the opportunity popped up.  Why would I drive a mini-van, I don’t have a large family?  But I was informed that the Kia Sedona was not an ordinary mini-van and that I would be impressed by its hi-tech features – yes, they knew how to get to me.  So I thought, why not, let’s take it for a road trip.

First Look: “That’s a mini van?”

Upon receiving the Kia Sedona, I was shocked to see such a luxurious mini-van.  I mean, look at the exterior?! The mini vans I remember where bulky, square and not very attractive.  This van had a crossover look of a SUV and Van in one.  Heck, I would probably sign-up as a Uber driver to just get compliments on my ride.

 As soon as you have a seat in the mini van, not only are blown away by its comfortable seating and smart design, but you get drawn into it’s high technology dashboard.

Feeling a bit jazzy this morning, plus look at that @Kia dashboard?! #DriveKia #travel

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Your passengers however would be drawn to it’s luxurious second row first class lounge chairs.  Not only are the seats mega-comfortable, but they also adjust to create plenty of leg space for those who need it or just fold completely back for someone to take a long comfortable nap.  The seats even have an adjustable arm rest and retractable foot rests.  Being that we took this van for a Las Vegas road trip, you know my passengers were loving every moment of that ride.

There’s also a third row that you can access for additional passengers or fold into the floor for plenty of luggage space.  All though this van can sit up to 6-7 passengers, the third row seats can be a bit tight and uncomfortable.  A quick game of rock, scissors and paper would be in need to determine who gets stuck back there.  Good luck!  We were able to sit 6 gals with plenty of luggage.  Very impressive if you understand the situation:  6 ladies, Vegas, girls getaway, luggage…yeah, I know.

Riding in style & comfort in a @kia Sedona. #Vegas here we come! #fab2020 #DriveKia

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Features that take this mini van to another level

Besides its dual power sunroofs and first class seating, there’s other features that the Kia Sedona carries that will change how you feel about the word: mini van.


  • The Kia Surrounding monitor will detect when there’s another object too close to your vehicle.  It even displays the top roof of your van.
  • With a vehicle this big, you’re sure to come across some blind spots.  That’s where the blind spot detector comes in handy.
  • The backup camera is not only helpful when parking into tight spots, but also a must when driving this mini van.  Definitely will make parking an easy process.


  • The smart power lift gate automatically opens the trunk for when you have your hands full.  No more struggling with grocery bags or boxes.
  • The conversation mirror lets you chismiar making it easy to see rear-seat passengers while keeping focused on the road.
  • UVO eservices features ‘SiriEyes Free’ allowing you to control your iphone with your voice.  Commands just got easier as you drive. It even searches for reviews on Yelp and Google.
  • The Dual Power Sliding Doors open and close with a push of a button.  Your guests can exit from either side of the van.
  • The personalized heated and cooling seats will be a favorite, as it was for me.

Test driving a Sedona has definitely changed how I feel about driving a mini van.  You don’t have to be a soccer mom to drive a mini van, you just have to be someone who appreciates comfort and style.

For more details, please visit kia.com

BASE PRICE: $26,100