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Meet Doona™ – The Next-Generation Car Seat

How many things do you need to transport your baby from point A to point B?.. Probably many, right? A diaper bag, your own bag, a car seat, a stroller… the list can be quiet long and some of the things you need to carry around, are usually heavy too.

Doona™, a new product, promises to be a true game-changer in the field of infant safety and mobility, helping moms to carry their kids in a safe and easy way.

This innovative car seat is perfect for urban and suburban living, and it easily transforms from a regular car seat to a stroller, saving moms tons of space in the trunk of their cars and allowing them to run quick errands without too much struggle.

It’s sleek design makes it one of the favorite baby products among celebrities, and it’s beautiful colors makes it attractive to all moms out there. There are 4 different colors you chose from, black, gray, red and turquoise and it retails for $499.

The master minds behind Doona™:

Doona™ was created by Yoav Mazar, a father who knew that he wanted to spend as much time possible with his first daughter Danielle (“Doona”) and wanted to take her everywhere! While they understood the importance of protecting her, the day-to-day use of infant car seats and strollers was agonizing. From his small designer’s workshop, Yoav set a clear goal on his mind: To transform the infant car seat into something safe yet simple and practical. This was the idea behind Doona™, the first product from Simple Parenting™.


This is exactly what Yoav came up with:


angeliz-guevara-doona angeliz-guevara-doona1
Today Simple Parenting’s vision is to share this passion with all parents around the globe, constantly striving to design products that will inspire parents and help them in the first stages of parenthood. Simple Parenting™ is committed to this vision and welcomes every parent to join its exciting Journey.

Want to see how it works? Watch it here:


Celebrities Love Doona and so do we!

If you look close enough to the photos on the magazines, you will see many celebrities using this product. They love the fact that is so easy to carry around and fashionable. Another thing that the #LatinaGeeks team loved is that you can easily take it with you on an airplane and attach it to your seat, which makes it extra convenient when traveling with you little one.

Does Doona come with a warranty?

Of course! Doona Car Seat comes with 24 months manufacturers warranty to the original owner of the car seat after the date of purchase.

If you want to learn more about this fabulous product, don’t forget to visit their website and check them out on Facebook

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