2016 KIA Sorento SX V6 AWD: The Perfect Vehicle for a Getaway

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Whether I’m driving 400 miles or 10 miles, I’ve realized that a new, tech-friendly car can make all of the difference when on the road.

Just recently, I took a cruise in a 2016 KIA Sorento and it was definitely an impressive way to arrive in San Diego for a quickie staycation.

What’s the first thing I did when I jumped in the car? I connected my smartphone via Bluetooth®, of course. I called my mom to test the clarity of the call and she gave it a thumbs up. Mom approved — score!

After making a quick call, I noticed so many app options to connect to. When I drive, blasting the tunes is a must, so I always make it a point to connect to Pandora when I first hop into my car. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the KIA Sorento had the option to make a direct connection to my fave music app. And it allows me to thumbs up or down on the screen. Yes, this is what a tech geek lives for!

Here’s what I liked the most about the 2016 Kia Sorento SX V6 AWD:

Sleek look

2016 KIA Sorento - @LatinaGeeks

2016 KIA Sorento - @LatinaGeeks

The Sorento has a great stylish look and it’s the ideal size for me and my lifestyle; not too big or not too small. All of my camping gear and/or luggage for longer trips fits in the back storage area, as well as technical gear for local events.

The automatic liftgate in the rear is operated by remote and makes for an easy way to grab groceries and go. I like how this car makes life easier.

Can I tell you about the Panoramic Sunroof? It feels like the vehicle morphs into a sports car. It allows you to enjoy fresh air and a feeling of spaciousness. The Panoramic Sunroof also includes an easy-to-use power sunshade.

The wraparound dashboard inside the car looks snazzy. It’s very modern and classy looking. The interior has a generous amount of soft-touch surfaces that extend to the back seat.

Loaded with technology

Where do I begin? The Sorento features available drive-assist technologies like Surround View Monitor (SVM), Lane Departure Warning (LDWS), Advance Smart Cruise Control (ASCC), and Voice Command Navigation with an 8” display. With a dedicated app, UVO, you can save your vehicle’s parking location, check the weather from the car’s display and locate the nearest gas station. In a rush and not paying attention to your speed? Not to worry. UVO will alert you when you pass your preset speed. Learn more about the technology here.

Comfort for days

The Sorento is the perfect place for napping — well, for the passengers that is! I love how the back seats recline for more comfort and I also like that there’s an option to use a third row of seats. The Sorento allows seating for up to seven. It’s an instant party, ya’ll!

The Sorento’s spacious cabin is sleek and has a modern look. The car is driver-focused and features an available heated steering wheel and a 14-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. I had fun setting seat preferences for myself!

From the available heated and ventilated seats, the Sorento has all the comforts of a premium car.

Safety first

The safety feature I most enjoyed is the Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) System. It’s a built in technology that helps reduce the blind spots on the side and rear areas of the Sorento. It’s a camera-based detection system will make a beep or turn on an icon light on your side mirrors. I had to get used to the sudden beeps at first, but I found myself missing it when I went back to my car. There have been a few times where blind spots in my car almost caused a collision and the BSD could have come in handy. Take a look at other safety features.

A closer view:

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