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Take Control of Your Health with the SugarChecked App

It’s 3 p.m. and you start to feel tired, hungry and unfocused. You reach for your usual sugary snack, maybe a protein bar or soda, to get you through the afternoon. Sound familiar?

While your immediate problem is solved, what you don’t know is that you could be slowly killing yourself by ingesting too much sugar. That might seem drastic, but the long term effects of consuming too much sugar are real. Obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and liver disease are just a few health issues associated with a high sugar diet.

The logical step to help avoid serious health problems is to reduce your sugar intake, right? That can be extremely difficult with misleading food products. Did you know pasta sauce is loaded with 12 grams of sugar per half cup? Your fancy bottled green juice can contain an upwards of 50 grams of sugar per bottle. That is insane and totally unnecessary.

We’ve found an easy way to help you maintain a low sugar diet—the SugarChecked app! The app offers comprehensive sugar content information that is factchecked by a team of nutritionists. Yes, it’s like having your own team of specialists in the palm of your hands.

What I like about the
SugarChecked app is that it allows users to scan a product and it immediately pulls up an alert of added sugar and artificial sweeteners information based on your personal dietary preferences. If the product is deemed undesirable for the user, then the app suggests alternatives. Not just one or two, but an entire database of other items you can munch on. That’s what I’m talking about!

SugarChecked will not only help users avoid unwanted, hidden ingredients, but it also aims to educate users on the options and why they may or may not want to avoid them.

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A huge bonus that I enjoy about the app, is that it offers recipes. Each recipe lists ingredients, directions and nutrition information based on your preferences. Recipes range from beef and broccoli to allergy friendly snickerdoodles.

Here are a few highlights of the SugarChecked app:

  • Gives consumers the ability to scan the barcodes of grocery store products and determine what kind of sugars are contained within.
  • An easy to use shopping tool for consumers to decipher often misleading food labels, and receive recommendations for healthier alternative products as they shop in real time.
  • Identifies four main types of sugars that consumers can avoid, including added sugars, artificial sweeteners, natural low calorie sweeteners and sugar alcohols.
  • Designed to combat the overconsumption of sugar, a leading cause of Type 2 diabetes and a growing concern due to the negative health consequences and related costs of treatment.
  • In addition identifying different sugars contained within foods and highlighting healthier choices, SugarChecked also gives consumers the option to view content related to sugar free products, and recipes.
  • Regularly updates its expansive database with new products, healthy alternatives, recipes and menus so consumers can keep themselves educated on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
  • SugarChecked is available in the iPhone App store and Google Play store at no cost. Yes, FREE!

We hope you are now considering reducing your everyday sugar intake today for better health. The good news is that it’s easier than you think, especially with the SugarChecked app. Follow them on social media for daily tips!

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