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#LatinaGeeks and Sabio Host Latina-Focused Hands-On Coding Workshop

We are proud to share our hands-on coding workshop partnership with #LatinaGeeks and Sabio. On Saturday, November 11 we partnered in a new series of hands-on coding workshops designed to empower Latinas with the technical knowledge necessary for a career change and advancement. Geared towards Latina adults in all stages of their career, the coding workshops introduced the three building blocks of the web — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Attendees walked through various activities, including coding a personal resume web page. Many expressed the appreciation to be surrounded by “women that look like me.”

Saturday morning took a different look, instead of running out for coffee, or the local Farmers market, a group of Latina Tech Savvy women came together to learn the basic skills of coding, HTML, CSS  and JavaScript.

Lala Castro, opened the event encouraging and thanking all that attended.  She went on to add, “Our goal is to expose Latinas to skills, like coding, that can open up a world of new options whether it’s moving up in their career, taking on exciting new projects, or making a shift in the work they’re currently doing.”

By partnering with Sabio, #LatinaGeeks will be able to show Latinas that learning to code is possible and it’s not required be an engineer or math geek.

Led by the most senior coding bootcamp staff in the industry, Sabio is the premier software engineering program in Southern California. Sabio has built an awesome and vibrant community of exceptional software engineers that their Alumni leverage every day. Liliana Aide Monge, co-founder of Sabio, was on hand to make sure the ladies were set up and ready for a 4 hour intensive session.

“Sabio is proud to co-host and run free coding workshops to motivated and determined ladies throughout Southern California,” Liliana, said. “At Sabio we believe in the power of the <script> tag and want to empower women to become financially independent via technology training.”

Megan Enciso, is an academic counselor and attended for career enrichment. She found herself gasping with excitement when coding exercises achieved her desired results. With more than 25 women in attendance, and a waitlist of nearly 250, future workshops will provide room for 50+ attendees throughout the Southern California area, in particular Los Angeles in early January, 2018. The destination for these types of workshops are endless;  #LatinaGeeks is looking at San Diego and Texas in 2018. This session was free, going forward there will be a minimal registration fee.

Event photo gallery: http://ow.ly/aT6v30gwKwI



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