2018 Top Five Most Requested Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday and in case you're still looking for geeky ideas, we're here to help.

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday and in case you’re still looking for geeky ideas, we’re here to help. Sure, you can still grab mom flowers, spa gift card, and the usual gifts. But c’mon it’s 2018 and your mamá would really appreciate more useful gifts. With that said, we’ve handpicked a list of gadgets that is guaranteed to impress your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, or even yourself. Some of these can be quite useful in their day-to-day lives while some can be just fun to use. Here are our top picks for best Mother’s Day 2018 gift ideas.

Apple iPad 9.7-inch

The iPad is one of the most requested gifts by mom. It’s perfect for browsing the web, watching her novelas on Netflix, playing games, and just about anything a typical laptop can do. Your mom wouldn’t need a fancy tablet like the iPad Pro, but the latest 2018 generation iPad could be perfect for her. It has all the latest internals to power her daily activities and supports the Apple Pencil too.

In case she prefers to use it while on the move, or for work, add the Logitech Keys-To-Go, Ultra-light, Ultra-Portable Standalone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. She could use it with the ipad or even connect her smartphone if she prefer. It comes in different colors too.

Price: $329.99 | Where to buy: BestBuy 

 Fitbit Versa

Mom can live her best life with the latest Fitbit Versa – an all-day health and fitness companion that lasts 4+ days and uses personalized insights, music, apps and workouts. That’s right, mom can take her own fitness coach anywhere she goes, since the watch will visually train her through her smartwatch. Besides her personalized coach, she could even add Pandora or just download her favorite music into her watch! That includes jumping in the water, since its water-resistant up to 50 meters. And you know what else, she could even pay for her Starbucks through the Fitbit Versa. There’s so much she could do, since the Versa features many compatible apps that she could download.

Newest feature just released this week is female tracking. She could now be more informed about her menstrual cycle by using the the Fitbit app to log her periods, ovulation, record symptoms, and compare cycle trends over time. She no longer has to pull up her calendar or mobile app, it would all be accessible on her wrist.

Price: $199.95 | Where to buy: Fitbit

Mom can enjoy her workouts with no strings attached and no interruptions. These lightweight wireless in-ear headphones feature Ambient Sound Mode to blend her music with the sounds of her environment, plus Noise-Canceling technology to block out distractions. The in ear design features an arc fitting support to make sure the earbuds stay in place as she’s active. A few features love about these headphones is it’s 6 hour battery life and can also connect with Google Assistant, making them smarter headphones, always ready to help. Hey, you may even want to connect the headphones with her new Fitbit Versa to make her workouts even more productive!

Price: $149.99 | Where to buy: BestBuy 

Canon EOS M10

Another most requested Mother’s Day gift is a small, but affordable camera. The EOS M10 camera would be the perfect gift idea, considering that it features a lightweight, comfortably designed body that’s easy to hold and take anywhere. Mom can pack this small camera when she travels overseas to backyard family gatherings. The EOS M10’s small size means it can fit mostly anywhere, from her purse or pocket, without getting in the way. The best part about this camera, besides its compact size, it also takes great quality images and she will also be able to change the lens.  Its DIGIC 6 Image Processor also helps capture colorful, detailed videos and photos, even in low-light situations.

What about selfies you asked? Well, this camera also offers a Self Portrait mode that assists grabbing great selfies by adjusting settings that smooth skin tones and artistically blur backgrounds. I personally love how it takes great photos in dark situations.

Price: $599.99 | Where to buy: BestBuy 

Cube Tracker

Is mom getting forgetful? Well we have gift idea for that. The Cube is a small bluetooth tracker that includes an easy-to-use app that can help mom find everyday items faster. All she has to do is attach the small device to anything that she may seem to forget or lose often, like her keys, purse, or camera. When she can’t seem to remember where she last left it, she can pull up the app and ping it to make it ring. She can even find her smartphone, even when its silent, by holding down the Cube button. If the lost item isn’t close enough (within 100ft) to hear it ring, no worries, she can locate the last known location on a map. Sure there’s other trackers on the market, but sometimes those trackers die, since the battery can’t be replaced. Not with the Cube, since you’re able to replace the battery!

Price: $24.95 | Where to buy: Cube Tracker

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