4-in-1 Car Kit Makes Life Easier, Especially In Emergencies

Hit the open road with a multifunctional travel kit

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Summer is near and road trips are a must! Aside from a full tank of gas, are you prepared for the open road? Preparing for the unknown may seen a bit overwhelming, but we have a handy checklist for you that includes a car jump starter, a road warning sign, a power bank and a portable car washer. Yes, a car washer. You never know. You may need it after an offer roading expedition!

Luckily, Norshire created a multifunctional 4-in-1 car kit that combines all into one single portable device. It makes your life easier, especially in emergencies and saves you money.

Jump Starter

Norshire’s jump starter is so powerful that it can jump start most car types in the market up to 30 times when fully charged. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery produces a max current output of 400A and requires no external power to function. Simply plug it into any USB charging port to fully charge it within three hours for best results. You will no longer need to worry about a dead battery while on a long trip with Norshire as your backup.

Warning Sign

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you need to pull over on the side of a road, the Norshire unit turns into a warning sign when you’re facing a roadside emergency. Stand the Norshire device on its side to reveal a reflecting triangle that deflects any potential accidents while on the side of the road as you change a tire or wait for help.

Power Bank

The Norshire portable device also functions as a power bank to keep your phone charged up to four times longer on one full charge. That’s important, especially if you need to call for help. Gone are the days when you or your family should worry about running out of battery on your trips. It includes various outlets and is the perfect power source to keep all gadgets powered, such as speakers, fans, tablets and night lamps.

Car Wash

As mentioned, you never know when you’ll need a high-powered car wash. The Norshire car washing capabilities keeps your vehicle clean without the hassle of driving through an expensive car wash. The feature includes three preset modes that easily switch from spray gun to spray brush to high-pressure mode for different kinds of cleaning scenarios. The CPU intelligently controls the power system and high-pressure pump, to ensure and stable water flow. A faucet or electricity outlet isn’t necessary to operate the device de to its built-in rechargeable battery. All that is needed is a bottle of water or a bucket to get your car back to a clean and shiny state anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, Norshire doubles as a great gardening tool or power wash house cleaner. Made of ABS material, Norshire is resistant to shock and high temperature. Its sealing structure effectively avoids leaks.

Are you interested in learning more about this 4-in-1 car kit? The items included in the kit include: Norshire, USB cable, washer gun, long brush, 1.5 m inlet hose, 5m outlet hose, jump starter clamps, foaming bottle and a user guide. Visit the Indiegogo page for full details.