5 Apps Every Latina Entrepreneur Needs to Stay Organized

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Most common question people ask, “Lala, how do you organize your time with everything you do?”  Well, I definitely don’t have an assistant.  But who needs an assistant when you have a smartphone to help you stay on track and organized!  Yes, you can stay organized with your smartphone, in fact it helps me organize my day, my minutes, my business trips and even my clutter.

If you’re a Latina entrepreneur, I’m sure you’re constantly looking for the right kind of apps to help you be accountable for tasks but also allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business.  Here are the top apps that keep me organized:

1.  Sunrise Calendar – for Google Calendar

If you’re anything like me, I have about five different email accounts that I check everyday.  That means there’s multiple calendar invites from different groups.  So how do you combine all of them together?  I’ve been syncing all my calendars together with my iPhone Calendar and it works out great.  However, there’s one account I can’t merge over and that’s Facebook invites. With Sunrise you are able to also push your Facebook events to one calendar.  Now imagine your whole life and future organized under one screen?  Yes, it can exist.  I also love that integrates Google Maps for directions.  Life just got easier, didn’t it?

2. Evernote

You’re constantly in meetings and that means you have to take notes, right?  But sometimes the notes are taken on your tablet, your smartphone and your laptop.  How do you combine all the notes together under one folder?  That’s why I love Evernote, an easy-to-use app that helps you gather all your notes across all of the devices you use. Evernote not only allows you to take notes, you can also save photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards and record minutes used on a client and even record voice reminders and the best part, all is searchable.

3. TripIt

Travel much for business?  Well then, you’re going to love this app.  With all the stress with catching up with your work and pack before your travels, the last thing you need to do is look for that flight confirmation email with logistics, schedules, last-minute delays and confirmations. TripIt keeps it all that info in one place. My favorite feature is forwarding my travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, which will automatically add it to your calendar and keep you informed of any delays.  This app is so helpful that it makes sure you focus on where you are going rather than how you are getting there.

4. Scanner Pro

Sometimes creativity happens during the strangest times.  I’ve written amazing ideas at the back of a napkin during lunch, on bills because I couldn’t find a piece of paper while I’m on the phone or on a whiteboard during a conference. You can’t put a whiteboard in your pocket and that napkin is gonna get washed away or lost in your bag, along with your memory!  That’s where Scanner Pro comes to save the day.  Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. So next time you have a creative moment, you know which app to use.

5. Dropbox

By now you already know how amazing Dropbox is bringing all your photos, docs, and videos in one place and be able to share them whenever you want.  Some may use it more on their computers, Dropbox’s mobile app is an even better for Latina entrepreneurs. Just knowing that you can access your  your files any time and anywhere you go is so valuable. Just grab the document straight from your smartphone, it saves so much time.

So there you have it, my best kept organized secrets.  Now you can stay on top of your game, be more productive and successful.