5 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Tech

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Spring is here amigas, it’s the best time to be reminded to clean our tech. I’ve rounded up a few tips to Spring clean your tech Tech this season.

Germs thrive on human touch, so anything that gets regular contact — telephone, mouse, keyboard — is a threat. “You’re touching about 30 objects per minute in your workspace” says germ guru Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, who recently conducted a study of germs in the workplace. Among his findings: The humble cubicle is the germiest place in the office.

Clean your monitor, keyboard and desk space

Did you know that on average, about 21,000 germs per square inch await you — or 400 times more than the toilet seat in your restroom.  The workspace needs some sanitation love, too. Shaking the crumbs out of a keyboard or using a canister of compressed air to get rid of dust may help extend the life of office equipment, but to really clean use products that kill germs. Most office equipment should not be sprayed with cleaners, but wetting a tissue or paper towel with a gentle disinfectant can get your area clean.

Back up your data

If you’re not already backing up your data, you should be. You never know when something could cause you to lose all of your valuable data and having a backup to restore from is essential. If you are doing backups, you’re in good shape. Making it a point to verify your backups are all running as intended is a must do task to add to your list of spring cleaning duties.

System Updates

System updates keep our technology running smoothly and securely when doing your spring cleaning makes sure your computer is up to date on all of the recent updates. Don’t let them fall completely off your radar, checking for updates as part of your spring cleaning schedule is a good idea.

Update your antivirus software

Did you know that your internet provider likely offers free anti-virus software? You should have this running year round but doing a checkup each spring will give you an idea of how many threats you’ve been up against. Most antivirus programs give you the option to manually run a scan, by adding this to your spring cleaning routine you can guarantee your antivirus is ready to defend against the newest threats out there.

Clearing out your inbox

Taking steps to organize your inbox will help keep you organized throughout the year. You can start by deleting any junk mail that you receive.

Organize the emails that you have coming in by category and move them over to the appropriate folder you have created. This may seem like a huge task right now, and it may be but, if you get into the habit of filing away emails as they come in you’ll notice a huge difference. By categorizing and getting rid of the junk you find that you are able to quickly locate emails to refer back to and easily focus on the new items coming in each day without the stress of 100 or more emails still sitting there in the inbox.

Now get up and at ’em, get your work space clean and clear of germs, te lo dije!