5 Tips to Help Plan the Perfect Family Road Trip

Help reduce stress and help the whole family enjoy their next trip on the open road!

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Millions of families are traveling this holiday season and although each family has their own traditions, routines and traveling rituals, we may be more alike than what you would think! According to a recent survey by Harris Poll and Chevrolet, of parents who make road trips, 95 percent like or love them, including more than half who say they “love” them. Latino parents say that the most favorite part of road trips is spending time with family.

We all know that planning a family trip always sounds easier than it actually is. There are many concerning factors when it comes to traveling this season. Suprisingly, children are not the most stressful part of a family road trip. For most parents, the top stressors are packing and the cost of travel.

We put together the following tips to help reduce stress and help the whole family enjoy their next trip on the open road:

  • Include the kids in the planning process. They’re more likely to be excited and cooperative if they can help make decisions about the trip. Sometimes your destination is already decided. If that is the case, the kids can help choose the route, stop and activities.
  • Include stops along your route. 72 percent of Latino parents say that one of their favorite parts of road trips is exploring and stopping at interesting places and destinations. In addition, it’s a good opportunity to stretch your muscles after spending extended periods of time in the car.
  • To reduce delays, program your route in a navigation system. The technology offered in vehicles like the new Chevrolet Traverse can give parents some peace of mind when they hit the road. Use the navigation program in your vehicle to avoid areas with heavy traffic and choose the most efficient route to get you to your destination.
  • Plan the entertainment as a family. 66 percent of Latino parents say that Wi-Fi / internet connectivity in the car help make family trips more enjoyable. The 4G LTE WiFi available in the new Chevy Traverse offers families the opportunity to maximize some of their favorite way to spend time on family trips: talking to each other, listening to music and playing classic road trip games. You can play your favorite music list, download a movie or upload photos of your trip as you go along.
  • Remember to pack wisely. Parents need to be prepared for anything. Don’t forget to include plenty of water bottles, favorite snacks and pillows and blankets for when the kids get tired.