A Smart Food Dome – Keep your food fresh longer!

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Living in a home with a big family is super fun! There’s always people around, kids running around, family members talking an eating together and that’s by far the biggest blessing anon can have.

With so many people around, I love arriving to our home at least once a week (specially on sundays after church) with a box of pastries to share with my loved ones. Donuts, cupcakes, french croissants, you name it! Sometimes, not all of them gets eaten and they would go to waste the text day.

Wasting food is not something that I support at all, there are so many people facing hunger in the world, that it always made me uncomfortable to throw away the pastries, but let’s face it, nobody likes eating old food, right?

I asked myself… how could I save all of this leftover pastries so my family could enjoy them the next day?

Recently, I got the opportunity to review a product that could help me keep food fresh for longer and I was super excited about it. It’s called Auto Vacuum Food Dome by Good Cooking and it’s a pretty simple product with a very cool smart technology that keeps your food just as yummy as it was the first day you bought it for a couple of days. Wait.. a Food Dome that is also Smart? I needed to check it out!
What does the Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome looks likes?

The Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome looks exactly like a regular Dome plate for cakes, but in addition, it brings a vacuum that sucks all the air out of the dome using batteries. This Technology is what  helps you keep your food fresher for a longer period of time.

How do I use it?

Using the Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome is as easy as 1, 2 ,3!

1. Add batteries to the vacuum

2. Place your food on the plate, then cover with the dome and press the red bottom on top the dome can extract all the air out and… Voilá! Works just like magic.

When you are ready to open the dome to enjoy your food, just press the red retrieve one of the red button again and it pops right open.



What I loved about this product:

  • Keeps your food fresher- longer! I tried it placing some butter croissants and when I opened the dome the next day, the croissants were still as moist and yummy as they were when I bought them
  • Vacuums air out with the touch if a button and it adjusts the air if needed. That’s a super smart feature which I love
  • Protects food from any anoying flies
  • It’s BPA Free, I like to keep my family as healthy as possible using healthy materials.
  • It’s ideal for cakes, donuts, croissants, bread, fruits and so much more!
  • It allows me to have fresh pastries to share with my family even after a day or two after buying them (great for packing them in the lunch boxes too ;)! )

If you want to check out this super cool product, you can visit MyGoodCooking.com , they also have some other products that any mom like me would love.

If you want tu purchase a Food Dome, you can do it on their website or via Amazon.