Why #LatinaGeeks?

Founded in 2013  by Latinas who are passionate about the digital world realized there needed to be more information in social media, technology and web culture that catered to the new generation of the Latina community. #LatinaGeeks’s audience includes early adopters, social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, marketing, Web 2.0 aficionados and technology addicts. #LatinaGeeks is also popular with bloggers, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users – an incredible increasingly influential demographic.

Online and Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Beyond the standard advertising, #LatinaGeeks understands that sometimes there is a need for something different than traditional ad buys.  #LatinaGeeks offers variety of sponsorship options and we are also open to hearing any custom ideas you might have.

Online Sponsorships:

  • Contest and Giveaways
  • #LatinaGeeks Review Series (Ex: Startup Reviews)
  • Online Events (Live Broadcast)

Opportunites include:  Sponsoring, Advertising Bonuses and Prize Donations.

Event Sponsorships:

Opportunities include:  Co-Hosting, Exhibitors Table, Product Donations, Liquor Sponsorship.

Sponsorship and Direct Ads 

For advertising opportunities and upcoming sponsorship opportunities please contact our Advertising Department: