Atom Tickets: The Best App for your Next Night Out at the Movies

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If you watched the Golden Globes a few weeks back, you may have noticed how popular movies of 2017 are going to be. With titles such as La La Land and Hidden Figures being awarded, there’s no doubt that these are a must-see. Going to the movies may be a reoccurring activity for you, or maybe you go on special occasions. Either way, planning a movie date with family or friends may sometimes be difficult to organize. Which is why we’re excited to share a fun mobile app called Atom Tickets, an app that will make going to the movies much easier.

This app has everything you need for a night out to the movies all in one place! Once on the app, your location will give you an interactive view of all showtimes at the closest theatre near you. On the homepage, you will automatically be shown all new releases and showtimes. Other categories you have access to are “A-Z in theatres”, “Metacritic Best”, “Special Events” and “Coming Soon”. Each of these categories offer a range of movies available all at your fingertips.

The social aspect of the app is the best way to gather friends to see a movie. By connecting to Facebook, you can get a “party” together to all watch the movie together and decide on the best time. You can also decide between movies much simpler by having access to critic reviews, customer reviews, access to which friends want to see the movie, trailers, photos and even information on the cast!

Go paperless- once your ticket is bought, the QR code for the movie ticket will be available on your phone so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Not only can you order tickets and send your friends the invite, but you can pre-order concessions within the app as well! Simply order your favorite movie munchies on the app, skip the line at the theatre and scan your QR code at the concession stand.

The app is now available on App Store and Google Play.

Check out their website with all the same features: