AuPairCare: Affordable Live-In Child Care for the Single Mamá – Even Families on a Budget

Being a single parent doesn't have to be hard, having affordable live-in child care can help.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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Earlier this week I was at a work event and ran into an old colleague and friend. She says to me “You look amazing, how you do it? You have kids now right?”

Thank you, it’s hard and yes, I have two kids, AND I am a single parent.  A lot of people recently gush to me about how it is that I can even make time for work, let alone my kids. The answer is several fold and I hope my story can help inspire you to think differently about motherhood and single parenthood and also dealing with a lot of emotions that come into play as a working mom.

I’m lucky to be able to afford the Au Pair Care program and with a little bit of planning, saving and accounting, I realized that getting live-in help was going to be the only way that I would be able to provide for my kids, have a trusting person in my home 24/7, and give me a little bit of time to also live.  Au Pair Care is ALL over the world and they allow you to find a live in nanny that suits your family’s lifestyle and schedule. They are also one of the few programs that don’t force you to pay all their placement fees upfront, but give you the flexibility to pay in installments. This was key for me.

To say that this program has been life changing for me is an understatement. One of the things that I struggled the most balancing work, kids and schedules was not having someone all the time at home to help me, to pick up my daughter from school and to just manage some of the daily chores that can pile up in a moment’s time. My au pair has become part of my family. She’s reliable, dependable, sweet and most importantly she’s here for a year, living with us and being part of my kids daily lives. We now have structure. We have set schedules and I can actually commit to things like working out, seeing friends, and even the occasional weekend get away.

The most important thing that you can do as a parent is be a happy one. That means that as a mom you have to take time out for yourself. I know this sounds impossible and also comes with a lot of guilt, particularly when you have infants and toddlers like I do, but I have come to learn that the best time I have with my kids is when I can actually dedicate pure uninterrupted quality time. We do that more than several times a week. I’ve been able to enjoy them more because having help has enabled me to also take care of me. And if mama’s good, everyone is good.

I highly recommend thinking of alternative care like this because one of the things I encountered when I tried to find set babysitters or nannies, is that sometimes they are unreliable. I had two of them quit and go to other families because they offered to pay them a bit more.  And it left me scrambling to replace her. Being a single parent you must have backup at all times. So this was the best solution for me. I highly recommend checking them out.

For more info visit AuPairCare and if you register, tell them Vanessa Camones sent you.