The Belkin Insight Switch Offers Home Protection during the Holiday Season

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Fall is my all-time favorite season. It welcomes all things pumpkin, fall fashion and festive treats.

While there are many fall-themed parties to look forward to, it also means being extra cautious as you celebrate outside of your home. Posting from Halloween parties and dinner parties, can provide an open invite to pranksters, leaving homeowners clueless of damage until it’s too late.

With today’s connected technology, homeowners can be forewarned of unpleasant surprises, wherever they may be. Take a look at the fantastic selection of home protection devices from Verizon Wireless — they are sure to offer peace of mind!

Belkin Insight Switch | $59.99

During the holiday season, The Belkin Insight Switch comes in handy, because you have the ability to turn lights or radios on and off at random, creating the illusion that someone is in the house — this can help deter pranksters!

Belkin Wemo Insight Switch

The Belkin Insight Switch allows you to turn appliances in your home your smartphone or tablet. The switch plugs directly into your wall outlet, helping you connect electronics such as a fan, light or space heater to your Wi-Fi network.

You’re also able to set schedules, such as automatically turning an entryway light on at dusk. Get notifications for each appliance so you know, for example, when your washing machine finished its cycle. Also get quick access to how much energy each device is using.

Belkin Wemo Insight Switch

To install WeMo Insight Switch, simply plug the switch into an outlet in your home and then plug an electronic device or appliance into the switch. Download the free WeMo App from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App store to any smart device. Connect WeMo Insight Switch to your existing Wi-Fi network, and get connected.

The Wemo Insight Switch is compatible with Apple (iOS 8 and higher) and Android (4.1 and higher devices) and with Amazon Alexa.

Other devices to consider for home protection:

Canary all-in-one home security system – A complete home security system in only one device that adapts to your home over time. It sends notifications with HD video to your smartphone and does not require a contract or a monthly fee. Stay connected with your home, even when you are not there.

Nest Cam Security Camera Staying connected to your home has never been this easy. Experience 24/7, live video of your home on your mobile device. Receive alerts when Nest Cam senses motion or sound. Great technology to protect your home while you are out and about.

How are you going to protect your home this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.