¡Bienvenidos! What #LatinaGeeks is All About.

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¡Que tal mujeres! LaLa and I are so very excited and humbled to announce the launch of our website! While the site is still in the beta phase, we just couldn’t wait any longer — we just had to be able to brag (tu sabes) about all the wonderful Latinas that fly their geek flags high with pride!

So, what can you expect from this website? I’m glad you asked! You can expect to be taken in by a Latina empowered geek movement. We are proud to say this is a first-of-its-kind website that will connect Latinas and encourage the empowerment of embracing their inner geek. Do you need a space where one minute you can speak freely about checking out the latest gadgets at Fry’s Electronics and the next minute you are sharing about how you hit up that Macy’s Zapato Sale? Yes, I’m talking about shoes. You officially have a place to call home.

We realize that there are many diverse resources for Latinos online, but there isn’t an online space where Latin women can collaborate and feel proud of their geeky passions. Somos mujeres hablando con mujeres (we are women talking ‘with’ women).

We designed this website as a way to support our community and will feature Latina geeks world-wide. The site will be written in English with a splash of Spanglish, sass, humor and will be geared for Latinas ages 18-55+. The #LatinaGeeks Facebook community has already been embraced by Latinas excited for an online space where they can embrace their geekiness among similar women. In addition, the site will review the latest gadgets, mobile applications, social technology and local tech-startups. #LatinaGeeks also invites the community to get involved with the movement, whether by participating in conversations online, suggesting sponsors or participating as a guest blogger. News and suggestions can also be submitted via our Facebook page or website.

Every Latina has some level of geekiness within. Whether they are a mobile application geek, a math geek or a gaming geek, it’s time for Latinas to take pride in their passion. The term geek no longer has a negative connotation associated with it; It’s sexy and powerful.

What is your geeky passion? Tell us all about it in the comments section!


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