How You Can Use Instagram’s Location to Plan Your Next Vacation

Use Instagram's Location and Hashtag Stories to plan your next vacation, eat at the best restaurants and discover the world around us.

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Sharing location through social media sites may freak some people out. Why would you want anyone to see where you are through your social channels? Well, the great thing about location sharing is that for the most part, it is optional. So the internet will only have access to your location as long as you approve it.

That being said, sharing your location with friends can be really helpful. Especially when you discover restaurants and local spots around your city that you just can’t help but tell everyone about it. Instagram released Location and Hashtag stories back in May, which changes the way we share our lives and experiences with people. This feature is an amazing way to see different parts of the world.

Here’s how it works. Wherever you are in the world, a location will typically pop up when creating an Instagram Story. When making an Instagram Story, you can tag locations by pressing the icon on the top right, then tapping the Location sticker.


The same works for #Hashtags as well, so if you are at an event that has a hashtag, you can search the hashtag and see the 24-hour story related to it. By doing this, you can be included in the larger story for all of Instagram to see as well. If it is added, you’ll know by tapping on your story and you’re able to see how many people seen it. You can take yourself out of the viewer list if it makes you uncomfortable. Learn more on how to do this, here.


On the bottom of the Instagram app, you’ll press on the magnifying glass that takes you to the Discover page. You’ll see an assortment of content that Instagram has tailored for you according to your likes. You may notice on the top of your discover page, a feed of Instagram story and Location Stories pinpointed. This is one way to use this feature and a great place to discover new and local happenings!

You’ll see an area for Top Live stories and you can also do an organic search for people, tags, and places. My favorite thing to do is search places, so that could be either place I am planning to travel to, events I’d like to attend one day and even local spots.

Let’s say I want to plan a trip to Turkey, I’ll type ‘Turkey’ in Instagram Search and be directed to their ‘Discover Page’. What I come across first is Turkey’s Instagram Story which is randomly accumulated from Instagram users who tag Turkey in their Instagram Stories. This is up for 24 hours and you can see recent footage of what the area looks like. You also have a feed of Top Instagram Posts from the area and every single person’s post whose ever tagged the location in their posts. As I mentioned before, this feature is a must for travelers who hope to discover more about the places they’re going to next or local places.

Check it out for yourself on Instagram App available on Android and iPhone. If you want to learn more about this feature, read Instagram’s Blog coverage on it.