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We Celebrate Adela de la Torre for Hispanic Heritage Month

#LatinaGeeks celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring our Latina women. This series will highlight women in our Chapters that make an impact in our vidas....

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Cryptocurrency: AC3 is Offering #LatinaGeeks Free Coins for Content Feedback

Think of AC3 as a place to discover new content, educational opportunities and subscribe to content producers on their network. They are helping content producers establish direct relationships with their audiences without an intermediary, meaning if you create amazing content, workshops or videos, you can leverage their network to be…...

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Crypto Fever: An Explainer Cryptocurrency Guide for Beginners

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency or digital asset which is built on a technology called blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed ledger or record of transactions that is visible across a network (node), giving all participants on the network the ability to see and verify the transaction.…...

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