ComfortCam – A Smart WiFi Baby Monitor you will love

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In the past, not all parents considered baby monitors a necessity, but with houses getting larger and lives getting more hectic it almost feel like a must have item. When you consider the peace of mind knowing baby is sleeping safe and soundly, and the potential increase in sleep for parents, it is hard not to add some kind of monitor to your list of baby items to buy.

Buying a monitor for baby can be a really hard task due to the large number of products available. It is especially complicated for the first-time parent since it isn’t obvious what to look for in terms of features and things to avoid. In this article,the #LatinaGeeks team tested a baby monitor that might be the perfect one for you, The ComfortCam.

ComfortCam is a safe and secure WiFi enabled baby monitor with all the features you want and need to monitor your child. This amazing gadget offers tons of features for a fraction of the price of other high-end baby monitors. It was developed  by parents for parents which means we are easy to use, reliable and safe.

The ComfortCam also designed a simple app for any iOS or Android device to make staying connected with your baby easier than ever, so you can watch your baby from your smartphone at any time, and it includes many great features, such as:

  •  Secure & Reliable connection
  •  Easy 3-step installation
  •  Apps for iOS & Android
  •  Wifi Enabled Baby Monitor
  •  View from Anywhere
  • Shared Viewing
  • Night Vision

Our favorite feature is “View from Anywhere”. As many of you know, many of us #LatinaGeeks in the U.S have family members that live far away and can’t visit  our babies often enough. With the ComfortCam, you can enroll in ComfortCam™ Plus (optional $9.99/month). This service allows any of your family members to see your baby anytime, anywhere in the world and talk to him/her! Yes, you read that right. The CustomCam has a speaker included so your family members can use the microphone included on their smartphones to talk/sing/read to our babies.

Sounds amazing right? You can also watch him/her from work when you leave baby with the babysitter and the camera can be moved remotely so you can see not only the crib but the entire room.


We also love how easy it is to use their ComfortCam App, you can download it for free from your Apple or Google store and you can also play with the following features:

  • Zoom/Remote movement
  • 2 way audio
  • Shared viewing
  • Picture capture
  • Night vision
  • Video record option
  • Movement detection alerts
  • Split screen

Here’s a video that will explain how the App works:

Here’s our video review 😉


One more thing we really like about ComfortCam:

They care about others. They have started an initiative  called “The comfort in giving” inspired in the story of Michael Mosier and his parents, who battled with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), a tumor in the brain stem.

ComfortCam is pledging 15% of the September sales of every ComfortCam purchase through to support the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation. As a thank you for supporting the cause, ComfortCam is also giving 6 months of free remote-viewing access (a $59.94 value) with the code defeatDIPG at checkout.