With sea level rising at an increasing rate, could floating islands be the next frontier?

Blue Frontiers is building the world's first sustainable and self-sustaining floating islands to unlock human potential.

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Hola #LatinaGeeks, I wanted to share this innovative concept with you!

Blue Frontiers is building the world’s first sustainable and self-sustaining floating islands to serve populations at risk of sea level rise and to serve as hubs for ocean centered technological innovation. The company is working with the government of French Polynesia, after signing an MOU (memorandum of understanding) and expecting more official signals soon to move forward with the process of making floating islands a reality.

I stand here today as a son of Polynesia and the reason why I’m here is because I’m an islander. I belong to the same island that every single one of you belong to…  Island Earth.
-Tua Pittman, Master Navigator

Floating islands offer hope to so many currently facing the realities of rising seas. One third of Polynesia is slated to be underwater by 2100 and some islands have already disappeared. The tiny nation state of  Kiribati with its 110,000 inhabitants has purchased land on Fiji and has prepped its residents for “migration with dignity”,  while Fiji has promised to relocate residents if their country becomes submerged.

The technology to build floating infrastructure exists, as do the sustainable practices and systems needed to be environmentally responsible to the ocean and in some cases, even regenerative. It just needs integrated and perfected for the floating island project, which has a goal launching its first pilot, where 200-300 people will work, live and conduct research by 2020! Blue Frontiers is committed to including the people of Polynesia in its project and is prioritizing 25% of the residences to the people of the  South Pacific who are facing these environmental issues.

Please take the time to watch and comment on the recent documentary series The Seasteaders.


What do you think? Are floating islands the future for humanity?