Create Your Own Makeup at Home with Mink 3D Printer

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Finding the right shade of lipstick, eye shadow or foundation can be really frustrating. You can end up with a drawer full of makeup that doesn’t work and spend tons of money.  Now imagine if you could create your own perfect shade of any makeup with a click of your mouse and a printer.

Soon you will be able to customize your own colors of makeup at home with Mink 3D printer.  Mink is a new technology by founder Grace Choi, Harvard Business graduate who unveiled her invention at TechCrunch Disrupt.  

Mink will print any color you choose, by simply selecting the hex color code, using any method you desire.  According to Choi, she said about the makeup industry,  “They charge a huge premium on something that tech provides for free. That one thing is color.”

Using software we are all familiar with like Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.  You simply add  the color hex code you want and click print, like you would on any other printer.  The result is a custom selected color you created at home for a fraction of what you paid at the store.  Imagine the possibilities and money you can save.  Print any color you desire when you need it!  Whoa that’s a total game changer.

The Mink printer will retail for about $300 and uses FDA approved inks.  Choi plans to target women ages 13-21, who she said have not yet form any habits about spending. This demographic already lives off the internet and social media.

Full details are not yet available but you can see Choi explain her vision and demo the printer in the video below.   You can also sign up  on the website to be notified of its release or sign up as a software developer.  I already did and can’t wait to see the Mink in action….can we say make up party at my place!



Choi hopes to help young women change the definition of beauty by creating their own.  Mink will definitely be a game changer for technology and beauty industry.

Can you see your self printing  your own make up?  I am definitely excited to try out this revolutionary technology and create my own custom makeup shades.