Creating the Soundtrack to your Life with Melody Personal Music Assistant App

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Is music a regular part of your life? It’s been proven that music can help to improve your mood, enhance your happiness, and help productivity.  If that’s the case why not map the perfect soundtrack to accompany you throughout the day enhancing your activities and generally just making life better.

Melody is a new voice activated iOS app that taps into Spotify Premium and iHeartRadio to play virtually any artist, any song, genre or music that fits your mood or activity.

Full disclosure: I am a consultant currently working with Speak Music (creators of Melody), but it truly has changed my life for the better since I starting using the app. Why do I love Melody? Oh let me count the ways..

  • Nostalgia – I admittedly was new to the voice interface revolution before experiencing Melody. My music consumption habits were mostly about streaming services for artist radio and tapping into shared playlists from friends. I didn’t know what I was missing, until Melody. Once I started voice commanding music, my listening preferences suddenly expanded and could only be hindered by my own imagination. I started to think back on my old CD collection and calling on old hits from Depeche Mode, Luscious Jackson, and Tribe called Quest. I started listening to 90’s HipHop Radio and old faves from college. The best part was that unlike my limited cd collection, Melody with Spotify Premium meant I could expand my artist knowledge and discover new and old tracks that I had no idea existed.. all with sound of my voice.
  • Fun – I get to be the DJ with the most tunes. Road trips, dinner parties, hanging with friends just became infinitely better as I ask them what song or artist they want to hear and simply speak into my phone and magic, music appears. I’ve been crowdsourcing new music from friends and it’s been so easy and fun to easily hear new artists by voice commanding the app. Some new artists that I’ve recently been turned on to by friends include Jain, Filou and Fat Freddy’s Drop.
  • Convenience – I’m an active gal, I go to the gym frequently and am always on the go in my car. With Melody, in between burpies and lunges, I just click on my headphones and speak into the microphone to play my “Workout Playlist” or another gym favorite like Nicky Jam radio.  Also while in the car, it connects to my car blue tooth controls and I don’t have to fidget with my phone to change music, I just use the car controls and say what I want to hear, which is usually another favorite always on repeat… Chambao or SiSe.
  • Mobile – I can take it with me anywhere. The other day after many days of rain, the sun appeared and friends planned an impromptu picnic. I brought my bluetooth speaker and armed with Melody we had a fun day of tunes, swapping out DJs and discovering new favorites. We even played music to fit our mood, in that moment “Happy Music” which was spurred an impromptu dance party.

Needless to say, I am listening to music through Melody most of the day… while working out, writing, cooking, reading and winding down. It truly has created a soundtrack to my life boosting my mood and keeping me in the zone. While Melody is amazing, it does have a couple of minor drawbacks namely that it isn’t available on Android yet.  It’s not completely hands free, as I still have to tap the microphone to give the voice command. But in spite of that, I have been enjoying Melody immensely since downloading the app.  It’s been great to go back to the archives and listen to old artists as well as discover new music so easily that’s recommended by friends.

If you’re curious about Melody, give it a try and would love to hear your thoughts or new music recommendations!