Cryptocurrency: AC3 is Offering #LatinaGeeks Free Coins for Content Feedback

AC3 is offering #LatinaGeeks free coins for giving them feedback on new content!

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Amigas, we have an exciting offer from AC3 that is exclusively for #LatinaGeeks. The special offer is also a fun way to get cryptocurrency and even extend your education in all sorts of amazing educational topics, such as coding tutorials, digital marketing, graphics design, photoshop and so much more.

What is AC3?

AC3 is a multi-purpose blockchain marketplace that allows content creators and educators to distribute, protect and monetize their content. AC3 is the global leader in secure decentralized digital content transactions. The AC3 team are content creators and educators themselves reaching over 2.5 million creators, designers and software developers every month. AC3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hacksaw International Incorporated.

Think of AC3 as a place to discover new content, educational opportunities and subscribe to content producers on their network. They are helping content producers establish direct relationships with their audiences without an intermediary, meaning if you create amazing content, workshops or videos, you can leverage their network to be discovered and also get paid directly by your supporters in AC3 coins.

  1. The first step is to think about what kind of content you’d like to see. We may even consider creating an exclusive #LatinaGeeks educational channel on their network if you share your feedback. The more we hear from the more we could get involved.
  2. The 2nd step is to download the AC3 wallet, here’s a quick tutorial.
  3. Find your wallet address and send that address to AC3 along with what content you’d like to see them develop or content producers you’d like to see on their channel. Please see form below for submitting to them.

When you share your feedback, AC3 will then send you 50 free coins! You’ll be able to use these coins for courses and other types of content immediately on their network (or decide to HODL). Some content creators you’ll be able to jump into right away include ontrackTV, Hacksaw Academy and Coding Tutorials!

AC3 has built the first digital content marketplace on the blockchain and is getting ready for a global launch. This is the perfect time for #LatinaGeeks to get involved as AC3 prepares to launch their web wallet next month. We also think this is an awesome way to continue your education online and on your own terms while also getting into the crypto game! Try it out!