Customize Your Instagram Feed With a Secret Tip

You’ll want to know this Instagram tool if you’re adamant about how your feed looks.

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Your Instagram Profile is essentially a representation of you and/or your brand. What people see is what they get (for the most part). The first 9 photos on your feed should demonstrate what people will get if they follow you.

Whether it’s photos of dogs, food or clothing– you’re going to want to be consistent, right?

We all have those photos we want to delete but never actually do it because there’s some emotional attachment to that memory or occasion. Say there’s a bunch of photos of you from college and they’ve got so much meaning but it clashes with your photography you’ve been picking up in the past year. The feeds just don’t match.

If this sounds like you- say hello to Instagram Archive, the answer to all your problems. Now you can customize your Instagram feed!

Instagram Archive helps you hide posts without deleting them. You are able to move posts into a private space within your Instagram account and only you can see them.

To archive a photo: 

Tap the “…” at the top right of your Instagram post and select, “Archive”. What this will do is hide the post in your Instagram profile.

To see the posts you’ve archived:

Press the icon in the top right corner of your Instagram Profile. This will take you to a gallery of all the photos you have archived.

Don’t worry, your likes and comments from friends on these posts will remain on the photo.

If you regret Archiving a photo, simply select “Show on Profile” on the photo to place it back in its original area on your feed… simple right?

          Source- Instagram Blog

This is a great Instagram feature so you can clean your profile feed but still be able to go back to past memories.

Check out the original blog update Instagram released about this feature here.