How to discover unique adventures with Airbnb Experiences

Immerse yourself completely in a culture by adding an Airbnb Experience to your next vacay!

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As most travelers already know, Airbnb is a great online platform to explore new places to visit and be able to live in a completely different culture. Airbnb is a great alternative to hotels because you ‘rent’ out an apartment or home and it feels like you are truly living in this new place. The beauty of staying in an Airbnb is immersing yourself in somewhere new and discovering so many amazing places around you. I can’t remember the last time I stayed in a hotel because Airbnb is the new way to go. Long are the days of tourist traps and packed busses, be a wanderlust and explore on your own. I find this is one of the best ways to see a new city. That is why I am a huge fan of Free Walking Tours! For those who’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a your guide by foot. You get to see major cities by walking the town — a great compliment to your Airbnb stay!

Along with finding a space to stay, Airbnb has a feature to discover unique experiences and events in the places you are visiting.

These “Experiences” can be filtered through almost every region of the world. When you open the Airbnb website, the front page had some featured experiences such as a Surf Lesson in Bali, Paris’ Best Kept Secret Tour, a Sanctuary Visit to meet wolves in Seattle, and an intimate concert on a Steamship in Seattle.

This is just a taste of many unique experiences offered on Airbnb. Within some regions in the world, you could even embark on Food Tours… imagine a Brooklyn Pizza Walk! Drool!

This amazing Airbnb feature could also be a great way to see more of your own city. What a great way to plan your weekend or plan something different on date night. Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Check out Airbnb experiences by downloading their app or signing up for Airbnb here.

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