Domino’s® Introduces Zero-Click Ordering, One Click Is One Too Many

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New app is the easiest way ever to order Domino’s®

Are there times where you feel too lazy to order a pizza? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that, but Domino’s has made it even easier to order your favorite pizza: the zero-click ordering app.

They are a brand that is committed to providing customers with ordering choices, this new app for iOS and Android™ is now available and allows customers to easily place their Easy Order.

When Domino’s launched the Easy Order in 2013, which refined the ordering experience down to five clicks, it seemed like the height of convenience for consumers. It wasn’t.

Dominos introduces Zero StepOrdering

Zero-click ordering really is as easy as it sounds. Download the app and link it to a Domino’s Pizza Profile. When the new app is opened, the saved Easy Order is automatically re-ordered without a single tap, swipe or click. Customers will see a 10-second countdown timer before the order is placed (giving consumers a chance to stop their order) and voila!


“We think about how to make digital ordering better all day and all night,” said Dennis Maloney, chief digital officer at Domino’s. “Zero-click ordering is a dream come true for us. I’m not saying the idea came to me in a dream (and I’m not saying it didn’t), but I challenge someone to dream up an easier way to order.”

More information and a short video of zero-click ordering can be found at, along with information about all of the AnyWare ordering platforms, including emoji, Twitter, text, smart TV and Amazon Echo.