Domino’s Pizza Launches The Tracker For Samsung Smart TV, Just In Time for The Big Game

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Domino’s Pizza® Prepares For The Most Important Day of the Year

The football players are not the only ones who have been preparing for the big game on Feb. 1. Domino’s Pizza is bringing the fan favorite, Domino’s Tracker ®, to your Samsung Smart TV, just in time for the busiest day of the year .

While football teams in New England and Seattle prepare for their most important game of the season on Sunday, Domino’s expects to deliver more than 11 million pieces of pizza and more than 3 million chicken wings throughout the country on the day big game – almost more than 80 percent from a common Sunday. And now customers of Domino’s that have a Samsung Smart TV can monitor every step of your order from the time the order is taken, to when it gets in the oven and out for delivery – all without missing a second of the game.

“Domino’s is always looking for ways to continue innovating and using technology to benefit their customers,” said Kevin Vasconi, Chief Information Officer of Domino’s Pizza. “We are happy to offer even more convenience to our customers using Domino’s Tracker. Football fans can follow their food through your Samsung Smart TV and connected to the big game at the same time. ”

This marks the first time that Domino’s Tracker is available in a television platform. To use monitoring tool, customers must have a Samsung Smart TV 2014 or newer.

One of the easiest ways customers can order Domino’s for game day is through digital command – either online or through an application on their mobile devices. Digital orders constituted approximately 50 percent of Domino’s sales in the United States at the end of 2014.

Fun facts about Domino’s Pizza deliveries on game day:

  • While the Domino’s stores in both Boston and Seattle will see big sales early in the game, the city of the winning team will surely be the best selling at the end of the night.
  • During the game last year, Domino’s delivered a sufficient amount of pizzas to cover an equivalent journey over 2,400 football fields.
  • Domino’s expects to sell 3 million chicken wings (boneless and bone), which means an increase of 179 percent compared to a common Sunday.

Samsung Smart TV Tracker information:

  • Customers who have a Samsung Smart TV can now monitor orders using the new application Domino’s Tracker Smart TV. The application is available on the Samsung TV App Store in the Lifestyle category.
  • After downloading the application to the TV, customers can enter their phone number and monitor your order without interrupting their programming. You can choose between default size Tracker or a smaller version.
  • Also, if an order is made from an iPhone or Android while connected to the Wi-Fi network in your home, they can easily send the Tracker to your TV with the press of a button on the confirmation screen.
  • The application is currently available on Samsung Smart TV models 2014 and 2015, and may become available in the 2013 model in the near future.