Featured #Geek: Rosie Taylor. She’s an old school gaming geek.

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What is your name?

Rosie Taylor (used to be Marquez)

What is your geeky passion?

Hmmm…. online technology, gadgets but mostly GAMING.

What is your background?

Boricua! Holla!

Are you bilingual?


What makes you so geeky?

I care about the frame rate when I’m playing video games on my PC. Oh wait, maybe that’s what really makes me geeky. I like playing video games on my PC more than XBOX or Playstation.

What are your top three must have apps?

Divide – Keeps work and play separate. Plus it syncs my Exchange account.
Google Music – I love music and have a hearty library from alternative to salsa.
Kindle – Reading business books weekly is a must.

What gadget do you have in your purse right now?

Android tablet

What is your blog?

What else would you like to share with us?

I’m an old school geek so I’m excited to see this project! Happy to guest blog for you guys around gaming, gadgets and other juicy geek-ness.