Featured Geek: Sylvia Adriana Flores. She’s Geeky About StartUps.

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supimage-sylviaThis weeks Featured Geek is Sylvia Flores of Manos Accelerator  She is an award-winning entrepreneur and engineer with years of experience. She founded several startup companies and is knowledgeable of the U.S. Hispanic market. In 2003, she worked with the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox to establish a technology incubator for Mexican entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

She has also served as the Regional National Vice President for the Society of the Hispanic Professional Engineers. She was awarded the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in 2003 from Latino Style Magazine. She earned a Chemical Engineering degree from San Jose State University.

What is your full name and tell us about where you are from.

Sylvia Adriana Flores,born and raised in San Jose, California.

Tell us about your geeky passion. What are your interested in and why?

My Mother’s family is from Valparaiso, Zacatecas, Mexico and My Father’s family is from Eagle Pass, Texas. I fall second to three sisters and two brothers. My family is extremely proud of my geek passions, being that I was first in my family to graduate as an Engineer. I hope I have inspired other Geek Latinas to study Engineering of whatever kind.

I also strongly believe an educated mother will have educated kids. This will help bring down the numbers of Latinos kids dropping out of school.

Tell us about your geeky passion. What are your interested in and why?

My current geeky passion is to inspire and motivate Latino/a Entrepreneurs. Taking on a lead role with the Manos Accelerator will ensure the support needed to high light global Latino/a Entrepreneurs. There is no doubt in my mind that Latino’s have the creativity and innovation to launch high tech companies that will one day see an IPO and be featured in Forbes magazine.

My other passion to my heart is to be a role model to young Latina’s.

Are you bilingual? If so, how does it help you in your career?

I am bilingual/biliterate in Spanish it is an absolute definite that being bilingual open doors and opportunities. Speaking another language builds relationships because you are able to be and understand cultural sensitivity. Spanish is a global language that I am so proud of speaking on a daily basis. It is a part of who I am, and I fully embrace it.

Tell us about the gadgets you have in your purse right now. What top 3 gadgets do you need to have in your purse to help with your day-to-day tasks?

My Samsung Galaxy cell phone, my connection to the world.
A kindle five Tablet, love to read.
An IPOD, love music when I work out:)

We have all seen women carrying a huge purse along with themselves and being tiny little fragile human beings that they are, men are always wondering what they carry inside these bags. They assume it must be filled with a lot of junk that is completely unnecessary and certainly for people who carry around all their personal effects in their little wallet (the thinner the better) it certainly must be mind-boggling as to what a women carries around in that tote! Well to ease the discomfort and to put at rest all kinds of theories about women’s purses, here is a list that divulges all the information there is to know! Go through this and find out that women carry around their lives where ever they go, proudly!

What is your website and/or blog? What does it focus on?

Manos Accelerator is a mentorship-driven accelerator program that provides “hand-on” education, business resources, infrastructure, capital and guidance for promising start-up companies led by Latinos, moving them on a fast track to success.

Our mission is to foster a new generation of Latino entrepreneurs by providing access to early-stage capital, mentorship support and resources that will enable them to build and grow their startup companies. We aim to provide “hands-on” expertise in the areas of product development, design and user experience, customer acquisition, business metrics, and pitch preparation through the 12-week mentorship and investor introductions.

Where can we find you online? Please share your social links with us! *

https://twitter.com/manosaccel and https://www.facebook.com/ManosAccelerator

Manos Accelerator has developed a robust program that incorporates all the necessary aspects of launching and maintaining a successful business venture from product development to pitch strategy. Through a selection process, Manos will identify 6-8 early-stage startup teams and have them complete a unique 3-month “boot-camp” program of intense collaboration designed to help them exponentially increase their business reach. Manos Accelerator will assist these startup teams in developing scalable and innovative solutions serving both the Hispanic and general markets.

The goal of the 3-month program is to provide aspiring Latino entrepreneurs and promising ventures with mentorship from successful domain experts, educational and development opportunities, free office space, and a range of free and discounted services.

As a participant of Manos Accelerator, startup teams are expected to achieve certain milestones and graduate with a lean startup that is ready to conquer the world. Each cohort session culminates in a Demo Day where participants will demonstrate their product or service to a crowd of entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Manos Accelerator is modeled after successful programs such as Y Combinator, TechStars, and 500 Startups.

What else would you like to share with us?

#LatinaGeeks you rock! I love your mission. I plan to be an active follower and achieve this mission through the “Manos Accelerator”. Stay turned for a Latina online mogul.

Receive frequent one-on-one time with the most influential entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to provide guidance, share progress, and receive crucial feedback.

Facilitated by our “hands-on” mentors, participants will learn how to build a scalable business model, attract and maintain customers, and generate revenue for their startup.

Our private networking events engage startups with influential business leaders in the Silicon Valley community to gain insight and learn from their experience.
Work Space
Our facility provides access to a number of amenities, as well as networking opportunities with other like-minded startup entrepreneurs, a community of ideas, inspiration, and peer-to-peer support.

Demo Day
Each startup will pitch to investors in an interactive setting. Our shared goal is to help participants exit the accelerator program on a fast, upwards trajectory toward their company’s specific growth objectives.