Fireside Chat: Latinas Breaking Barriers in Media + Tacos in San Diego

The #LatinaGeeks San Diego Chapter were joined by Aida Soria of Fox 5 and Geena the Latina of 93.3.

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“Say yes to opportunities!” Last Thursday, we hosted Latinas Breaking Barriers in Media and we can still feel the energy buzzing into this new week.

We had the pleasure of speaking with two media powerhouses Aida Soria, Emmy Award winning producer on Fox 5 San Diego, and Geena the Latina, one of the most beloved radio personalities on San Diego’s #1 Hit Music Station Channel 933! These women shared everything from their failures (better known as lessons), successes, staying humble, and most importantly, how essential it is to give back to your community.

Latinas Breaking Barriers in Media audience | #LatinaGeeks

We live in a time where we each are a brand and have the power to share our stories via social media. Aida and Geena emphasized the importance of being authentically yourself and aligning with people and brands that are genuine. We each consume media differently and we must be mindful to check our sources. Amigas, have the power to make sure we are portrayed positively though our own channels or through others. As a segment producer, Aida feels a responsibility to share stories that are diverse and representative of  San Diego and her community. We may not think our stories are worthy, but we need to change our mindset and submit our accomplishments and journeys. Perseverance is key. Geena recommends sharing your passion, following your vision and you will be rewarded.

Hard work never goes unnoticed and is the universal language to success. Both of these women started from the bottom and now they are in position where they can give back tenfold. Both attributed their successes to being flexible and dynamic. We can apply these skills positively to our everyday lives. Often times, we may be the only WOC in the room, and that is our superpower. Our experiences make us strong and bring value to the table. Embracing our differences and finding power in our voice will open many doors and create a path for the younger generation. We want to be and see the representation that is at the top. To paraphrase Geena, this digital age we live in gives us immediate access to women we look up to, like Aida and Geena, and we have endless resources at our fingertips! Don’t be afraid to ask your network for help. Both put emphasis on creating a network of supporters, people you trust, and people who want to see you win!

Latinas Breaking Barriers in Media group | #LatinaGeeks

Key takeaways from Aida and Geena for being the most boss version of yourself:

We are proud of our amazing event and we could not have done it without the support of our community. We want to give a huge shout out to Kelsey and the team at Novel Coworking. They are an amazing coworking space located in the heart of downtown San Diego with a wonderful team! A huge thank you to Skyline IT Services for supporting women in technology via #LatinaGeeks and sponsoring our delicious tacos from Mi Rancho Catering. Thank you to Studio Luniste, a San Diego based photography company, they truly captured the magic of our night! They curate beautiful holiday photo pop-ups, lifestyle shoots, headshots, influencer shoots, and so much more. They are a talented team and we are grateful to have had them join us! Thank you to the team at Boochcraft, you kept the energy and vibes flowing with your delicious alcoholic kombucha! Muchas gracias to Hola Swim for the cute earrings, you know we are already rocking them! A big thanks to our raffle sponsors Belmont Park, Sony, and Dr. Melinda Silva, MD your gifts for the raffles were incredible! Once more, thank you all for your generosity!

Last, and certainly not least, we want to thank our attendees! We appreciate your donations to the Ladies’ Guild at Father Joe’s Villages. This holiday season will be extra special for them.

Your presence is what made our event electric. Seeing you all engage and share stories of personal journeys and triumphs amongst each other is why we do this. No like, repost, or tag goes unnoticed. We look forward to growing with you and supporting you. Lead with confidence, be authentic, and share your stories. Be someone your 10 year old self is be proud of and don’t sweat the small stuff!