Fitness: Saving Your Waistline While Building Your Empire

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The daily grind of being an awesome chica entrepreneur is both fulfilling and time consuming. You find yourself trying to balance your business, your family, and if at all possible some “me” time in between. Inevitably something ends up falling off, and most of the time it ends up being diet and exercise. It seems that while you’re building your empire your time shrinks as your waistline expands. Exercise and the right diet get put last on your list, as deadlines and family time seem to be fighting for your attention. In order to win the battle of spreading yourself too thin you start cutting corners on your diet. What use to be a fast breakfast or lunch turns into fast food and skipped meals.

So what is a chica to do? Well purchase some more time of course! But since your corner store won’t be having that on stock anytime soon, the only thing left to do is MAKE more time. How does one make more time when you feel you’re spread too thin? You do what you’re doing now; only better. Here are some quick and easy tips you can start incorporating today. Nothing too crazy to make you feel like its life altering, but definitely taking the steps to life changing.

 The Quick & Easy – Workouts With A Lot of Ganas

When it comes to working out, it’s not how long you work out, but with what intensity you do it with. A workout only has to be 15-30 minutes as long as you’re putting all your energy into it.

Working out at home several years ago was a joke. If you wanted a real workout, you needed to head to the gym or fork out some good mula for a kick ass dvd. Thanks to today’s technology, and all that is holy, we have apps and YouTube; the no excuse tools that put a stop to not having time (or money) to work out. With studies showing that you need at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, of exercise there is no reason you can’t find time in the AM or PM to jump on YouTube and get a quick workout.  You’ll be sure to find a video that fits your personality, workout of choice, AND the amount of time you’d like to spend doing it.

Don’t feel like working out in front of the computer, then I suggest going for a run, or walk, or even using a jump rope. I read a while back that 10min of jumping rope is the equivalent of 30 minutes on the treadmill. How’s that for quick and intense?

To get you started:

These remarkable chicas have endless workout videos, that range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, and not only are they trainers, but both are moms. Who knows more about having little time than moms? These chicas have made businesses out of working out and saving you time in the process.

1. Dey Palencia Reyes:

*Videos are in Spanish but easy to follow if your Espanol is not so great.

2. Tiffany Rothe Workouts:

*Has videos both in English and Spanish. Cool thing about this mujer, she adds weekly health tips to make you feel like a better woman and mom .

The Quick and Healthy – Recipes

Changing your food habits, well I’ll just say it, is a b*tch. Counting carbs and getting rid of all foods with sodium as a Latina is NOT going to be easy! Do you stop eating red meat, or all meat? And on and on. You don’t have to get crazy and toss out everything in the fridge, but by simply buying more fruits, vegetables, and hey maybe even buying brown rice instead of white, may do the trick and it’s a start.

Recently, the only change I made was buying more healthy things to snack on. Because this girl can snack all day! Things like almonds, crackers, fruits, and yogurt. Not a crazy change, but a quick one.

As mentioned before there are tons of apps and videos to help keep you healthy. Keeping convenience and time in mind, below is a link to yet another YouTube channel that has awesome healthy and quick recipes.

To get you started:

This channel has a cute couple who not only give healthy recipes, but have exercise and beauty tips.

Brett Cap:

The Right Gear – Fashion to Keep you Motivated

When Fashion & Comfort Meet

Whether you’re a fashionable chica or not, you know the number one thing is comfort. The great thing about working out is that’s one of the few times where fashion doesn’t have to hurt. That doesn’t mean lose all your fashion sense, but undeniably being comfortable is super important. Having the right gear will not only keep you comfy but will help keep you motivated. Now to keep the motivation up it helps to get yourself a mix of cute fashion and comfort while working out. Ross, Marshalls, and Target all have the right gear without the crazy price tags.


Shoes are super important when you train; just like when you’re strutting your stuff at a business meeting. The right shoe makes all the difference. The right “kicks” as my kid puts it, are super important. With all the great sneakers for women, fashion won’t be a problem, but not having the right shoe for your workout will. So whether you working out at home, gym, or running outdoors. make sure you have the right cushion and fit for all occasions.



Having the right gear is a game changer. As for electronics, because we are tech chicas after all, nothing beats wireless. If you hate the whole ordeal of having to be wired up and restricted when you work out, like I do, may I suggest the new Yurbuds. These wireless headphones are absolutely meant to keep your soul and workout rocking.

Since inspiration and motivation is the gas we need to get and stay active, nothing’s better than gadgets with no restrictions. Just pop ‘em in and go. Now your soul and workout never have to wait to get pumped.

These new wireless headphones are part of Best Buy’s new health & wellness launch. And you know wherever  there’s a promo there is what? Discounts! As a new entrepreneur, I’m all about saving money. Right now these bad boys are 20% off with purchase, on or offline, and the extra…wait for it…you get a $5 gift card to go with it.

Shoot…no wires and discounts+gift card? Now that’ real motivation!

The Jist – Sticking Around Long Enough To enjoy it

“Self discipline, dedication and motivation never stop. My image is my brand, my health is my talent, and my body is my job. I eat right and fuel my body with what will help me succeed.” Sariah “Queen of Hearts” – Songstress

Building an empire takes work, a lot of time, and love for what you do. But if we don’t show some of that love to our health, our expanding waist line will be the least of our worries; we’ll just leave an empire and legacy we didn’t have or make time to enjoy.

Look chicas…making changes can be hard, I know! We all know that when health issues arise everything in our lives will take a back seat. Time for some real “me” time.  Because no one can fathom bringing sexy back, if you are running out of breath and energy.