Fox Home Entertainment Revealed “The Martian” VR Experience at #CES2016

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience Mars or better yet, be a part of your favorite movie? I recently had the opportunity to get a taste of what that experience would be like with The Martian VR Experience at CES 2016, and it left me wanting more.

As we enter into brand-new era of immersive entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Fox Innovation Lab, RSA Films and The VR Company have partnered to create The Martian VR Experience. Executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Robert Stromberg, this interactive, immersive adventure runs 15-20 minutes, with viewers participating from astronaut Mark Watney’s (Matt Damon) perspective, performing tasks that will facilitate his chances for survival and rescue. Viewers can fly onto the surface of Mars, steer at zero gravity through space, drive a rover and experience other key scenes from the hit film in a 360-degree virtual reality environment.

The VR experience is very compelling and very engaging. We wanted to make sure this didn’t look like a gimmick, that this is something that could become a new way for people to engage in movies – said Mary Daily of Fox Home Entertainment, Chief of Worldwide Marketing.


I actually had the opportunity to explore and control a ship that played disco music and drive a Mars rover towards the space shuttle.  Not only did I feel like I was alone on the planet, but I was surprised I didn’t get nauseous like other VR experiences.  Which I was informed that Stromberg’s team worked hard to make sure the viewers didn’t get disoriented.  They want viewers to experience the movie, not motion sickness.  Which is one of the reasons I can’t watch 3D films.

Today’s generation, the way they interact with content and the way they interact with everything, people need to be a part of something. I believe the stories that resonate the best are the stories that feel like….I was there, says Mary.

Be prepared chicas, its just a matter of time when movies will no longer be just a movie anymore.  Soon you’ll be able to go inside of your favorite movie.  Imagine being part of the Avatar movie? What an experience that would be!

Watch original movie trailer of The Martian.

The Martian VR Experience, which has a teaser on Samsung’s Gear VR, will be available for Oculus, HTC and Sony tethered devices later this year.  A price hasn’t been announced, yet.  Be ready, it’s coming to home a near you.

Movie Now available in Blu-Ray and 4K.

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