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At #LatinaGeeks we love identifying events that benefit the community and we’ve identified a great FREE event courtesy of Sony Academy. Knowing your camera is one of the keys to capturing great shots and for those that might have a great Sony camera but no idea how to use it, Sony® Academy is having free photography classes. These classes will feature tips for those just starting out to those who feel most at home with a camera in hand. The goal is to get people out of “Auto-Mode” and into exploring all the capabilities of your Sony camera.

These classes will be taught by Digital Imaging experts at two Sony Stores in California:

South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA
3333 Bristol Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 754-6302

Fashion Valley in San Diego, CA
7007 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 220-7482

The classes are free to all and you don’t need to buy a Sony camera to attend but you need to sign up in advance here:

Sony Camera Basics (Fashion Valley):
Lighting and Flash (South Coast Plaza):

The curriculum has been developed by world-class photographer, photographic educator and technology enthusiast Leslie Fisher.  The classes are divided into three sections: Sony Camera Basics, Beyond the Basics and Advanced Techniques. Below the schedule for the Costa Mesa store.

Sony Camera Basics – Saturday, September 7 (passed event)

#LatinaGeeks attended this class aimed to equip you with a solid foundation for your photography as well as tips and tricks to take you to the next level. The class was insightful and now as we take our pictures we make use of all the different modes so we can take the best pictures. The class covered the following:

  • Take effective photographs of:
    • Portrait and objects
    • Landscapes
    • Macro (close up)
    • Action (Sports)
    • Low Light
  • Know what camera settings work best for each scenario
  • Learn about the extra features Sony cameras have to help you capture an even better image.

Beyond Basics – Saturday, September 21

This one is designed to help you build on the photography principles you learned in the Sony Camera Basics class. It will cover:

  • Overview of the Exposure Triangle and key camera settings
  • Creative effects using Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Changing your perspective with Sony lenses

Lighting and Flash – Saturday, October 5

This session will cover everything related to light and flash.

  • Using natural light to your advantage
  • Using artificial flash (Built in flash, external flash, and wireless flash)
  • Tips on wireless flash techniques

The classes fill up fast so please RSVP as soon as possible for current class offereings or click here to be added to the wait list.

Join #LatinaGeeks and for the next class! Would love to compare notes!


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