Freemie: Pumping breast milk with style for working moms

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Querida #LatinaGeek mom, whether you pump your breast milk to increase your supply, stock it in your freezer or simply to keep your sweet little baby fed, vamos a revolucionar tu mundo!

All of you who have breastfed before know how challenging it can be sometimes, specially if like me and many other #LatinaGeeks, you are a working mom.

Once you’re a working mom, you can count your free moments with your…oh admítelo!, there are no free moments to count nor pump your milk in a very relaxing way. So, you’ll make yourself less crazy by using this amazing new product called Freemie.

Freemie is a  Concealable Collection Cup, that allows you to pump in public, yes! your read that right.. in front of the entire world ;),  fully clothed and hands free. You can pump while you work, visit with friends, prepare dinner—even while you hold your baby, and it’s super easy to do so!

First, you place the cups under your top into your bra.  Second, you connect the cup to your pump (The freebie is compatible with almost every pump on the market). Third, you just sit back and relax and when you are done, just remove the cups and pour the milk into bottles.


Fácil, right?

We know that most moms wish they could  breastfeed flesh-on-flesh all of the time, but the reality is, that many of us have to work away from our babies, so we pump. And even though pumping is one of moms’ least favorite things about breastfeeding, the Freemie, will absolutely help you or someone you love!

So… we all agree that this system is brilliant. Where did this idea came from?

Dr. Stella Dao was inspired to invent the Freemie system when she went back to work after the birth of her preemie twins. As a working physician, Stella discovered that pumping on the job was not easy to do. As she struggled to balance work with breastfeeding, the idea of Freemie was born.

When you buy your freebie, this is what you get:


2 Freemie cups and the connection kit that fits the model of pump you will buy or the one provided by your insurance. It also includes a little manual with details on how to use it.

In this video you can see it in action as well as being compared with traditional pumping systems!


Honestly, I  love this product and I can’t imagine pumping at work without it!

If you want to get your Freemie Cup, I suggest that you check their website out,  or their social media platforms: Like them on Facebook , or follow their Instagram & Twitter.