Georgina Miranda – Founder of Altitude Seven is inspiring women around the world to #ChooseAdventure

Georgina Miranda, Founder and CEO of Altitude Seven shares her lessons in entrepreneurship, all while pursuing adventure for a good cause! Her mission is to Inspire and Equip Women to Live Adventurous, Bold, and Worldly Lives, spreading the global message for women to #ChooseAdventure.

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I recently connected with Georgina Miranda, Founder and CEO of Altitude Seven, an adventure lifestyle media platform for women, inspiring a more adventure-filled life. Altitude Seven helps a global community of women adventurers and travelers who discover the best in outdoor/adventure travel apparel, gear, stories, experiences, community, and purpose all in one place!

Altitude Seven is a point of inspiration and information for all things outdoor, adventure, and travel.  Find out what inspired Miranda to build a platform where women who seek adventure could connect.

What does being a Latina in tech (#LatinaGeeks) mean to you?

I see myself as a woman in business, I didn’t set off as goal to be a woman in tech, it’s a direction that my company evolved to. I’ve played a role in technology for a long time, because I was a management consultant, so I led massive business integration projects for companies like Gap, PG&E and McKesson. So, while I didn’t identify myself as a woman in tech, I guess I have been for some time. This is a different version of it, but now being in the space, it has raised a lot of awareness around the challenges that women in technology face, especially as entrepreneurs, and also raises awareness around the lack of diversity that exists in the space.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve overcome to date in your entrepreneurial journey?

To survive as long as we have bootstrapped and being creative around how I’ve been able to support myself and keep the company running without outside investment, to give myself and the company also time to evolve to be what it needs to be to better serve our customers and community.

What is some advice you would give to other women to overcome these obstacles?

Part of being an entrepreneur requires resiliency and the ability to take risks and definitely put yourself in situations that are constantly out of your comfort zone. But it’s also important to have a plan and set boundaries for yourself in terms of what you need to thrive vs. always just survive. So be really honest with yourself about what those are and making sure you are planning for that.

What inspires you?

A lot of things, I was inspired to start my company through my love and passion for adventure and the outdoors and I saw a growing need that women in general were underrepresented in the space and that their needs weren’t being met in terms of finding relevant stories, appropriate gear and access to community and that was key driver in starting all of Altitude Seven.

But day to day, time outside for me is the biggest soul fuel that I can have. The physical challenge that comes with being out in nature provides a lot of inspiration. And women in general have been my inspiration, they are why I started climbing, women were the inspiration for why I started the company. I think it’s a really exiting time to be a woman, because we’ve always had a voice and it’s really powerful to see how women are coming together in all different aspects and showing the world that .. “We’re here, we have a voice, we’re smart.” Businesses, boards do better when we’re involved and we’re not accepting this level of inequality many more. There’s so much good work being done right now to alleviate that.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way?

  • Fall in love with the problem not the solution.
  • You’re always learning.
  • Find people that have done what you want to do and get to know them, learn from them.
  • Surround yourself with people that will support you and your vision.
  • Don’t take no as a negative, but as a way make what you’re doing better.
  • Even though you think your gas tank might be totally empty, if you’re passionate about something that’s what keeps you going in those moments of depletion or despair or all the other different feelings that come with being an entrepreneur, it’s your passion for this problem that you are trying to solve that’s going to keep you going and nothing else.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

  • Start early.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • What people think of of you is not that important. As long as you’re honest to your truth.

What’s the strongest skill female entrepreneurs need to nurture to thrive?

A combination of being resilient and self care, you have to be so resilient to withstand the no’s and the doubt that other people are going to impose on you and find that inner strength to fight through those times. And you need to be able to take care of yourself. Women tend to be nurturers, so they tend to take care of everyone else before themselves and to be a good leader you need a team and you need to put you best self forward, so you need to be in a good place.

Who is your hero and why?

I have a few heroes. In business, it’s Richard Branson is my biggest hero and that’s  because he lives his life infused with adventure. He’s incredibly innovative and such a positive source of good in the world. He is proof that business can be used for good and that you can still enjoy your life in the process while building massive companies as an entrepreneur.

The other person is Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues and started this non-profit called V-Day. It was an article she wrote for Glamour magazine is why I actually started climbing and gave me the courage to have a voice on behalf of women’s rights around gender based violence and that’s something that I’m still an advocate for today.

Indeed check out Georgina’s Grand Slam challenge and her quest to climb the highest peak on every continent to raise awareness around violence against women.

Can you share a life changing / shifting moment that got you to where you are today?

The article that I mentioned published in Glamour Magazine on August 2007 was a major life changing moment for me. It’s had impact on me in a lot of ways.

One, it inspired me to set me off on this crazy challenge of completing the Explorer Grand Slam on behalf of raising awareness and advocacy around gender based violence.

Two, if anything it solidifies power of story and how it can move people to action.

And it also is a constant source of inspiration as to what one person’s voice can mobilize the whole global community to care and do good work on behalf of a cause. That set me on whole different life path, so that leads me to the mountains…

The mountains have been amazing teacher and I’ve found a new level of confidence in myself through all these really challenging climbing expeditions that I would have never discovered within myself in another way. And this aspect of the expeditions made me more comfortable being out of my comfort zone and gave me courage to try things I’d never tried and didn’t know if I’d be successful but I went for it anyways. It’s definitely made me a lot more fearless and given me better appreciation from a global perspective of how important nature is and why we should protect our planet… these fragile places that are at risk that sometime in big cities, you don’t realize until you get out there “We have some work to do” It changed the whole trajectory of where I was going.

What are you looking for help with today? How can we help you achieve what you want?

For right now, we’re trying to grow our community so anytime we get to share our story, it’s a good thing. And we’re also fundraising, so the more people we can be connected to is helpful…whether that’s experts in what we do because they might provide some level of knowledge that we don’t know that can help us get to the next stage. Or access, a lot of the barriers to funding is access, so the more we can expand our network and be trusted recommended introduction to someone else, that goes a long way. 

If you want to help Georgina in any way, do not hesitate to get in touch! She can be reached at georgina at

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