Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Top 5 Gadgets For Geeky Moms and Babies

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Mamá always knows best, but technology knows best too! Baby tech has made incredible advances  in the last couple of years, and now, it offers a wide variety of products that moms won’t be able to live without.

If you are a geeky working mom or mom to be who is obsessed with technology as much as we are, you are going to love this Top 5 list of the best gadgets and gear to handle your infant’s years with ease.  Without a doubt, they will make great holiday gifts for new moms and newborns.


Babynes baby formula dispenser by Gerber: Enjoy a quick and carefree preparation of formula every time you prepare a bottle. The BabyNes Machine is just like a keurig machine, you inset a formula capsule and it provides a precisely measured bottle at the touch of a button.

The BabyNes Machine also has built-in Wi-Fi, so it can send information directly to your online MyBabyNes dashboard. You can get feeding alerts; view and track your baby’s nutrition and growth; receive personalized nutritional advice; place capsule orders or set up auto-replenishment on your computer, tablet or smartphone.



Iiamo Go Self-Warming Feeding Bottle:  Moms on the go, rejoice! This feeding bottle will make the life of a parent easier enabling one to warm up milk on the go. Iiamo go is a self-warming feeding bottle made in Denmark. The first feeding bottle in the world that warms 6 oz of milk up to the recommended 98.6F (body temperature) in about 4 minutes. No electricity, no cord, no limitations.


MobiUS Portable Ultrasound System: One of our favorite gadgets this year! The MobiUS, is your own at-home ultrasound system. It allows you to see and hear your baby’s heartbeat and it can be used with any smartphone.


Mimo Onesie: Needless to say, this is the most expensive onesie that you’ll ever buy for your baby. While the organic cotton is nice, what makes this product even cooler is that it monitors pulse, breathing rate, heart rate and even body position. Then it sends all of that information to mom’s or dad’s phone, meaning parentals can always rest easy that their baby is doing ok.


Bellabeat Connected System: Make you baby love tech while he or she is still in the womb.  Bellabeat allows you to monitor your baby’s heartbeats and kicks. Think of it as an activity tracker for your little one.

What baby gadgets do you think are a must-have for Christmas this year? Cuéntanos on twitter using the hashtag #LatinaGeeks