How Turo Help Me Save Money vs Using Uber

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Amigas, I have a personal story I would like to share with you. Last week, I took my car in to the mechanic for auto work and they had hold it for 3-4 days. Great, I thought, another hassle and additional unexpected expense. Unfortunately the mechanic did not offer a rental car or loaner. My first solution to this problem was to use Uber to get to work. Taking an Uber wasn’t  a problem, the problem was the additional expense! My expense by the end of the day was about $80-$100. Yikes! I knew I had to come up with another solution and that’s when I discovered Turo, is a car sharing marketplace where travelers can rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a vibrant community of local car owners. It’s basically the AirBnB for autos.

I ended up renting a vehicle from Turo while my car was in the shop. Renting a car for 5 days was far more cost-effective in comparison to spending it on Uber and it was fun! I mean, you get to really pick any car you want to drive. The best part, it’s all near you.

Truly, this app was a LIFESAVER and after such an amazing experience I can’t help but to boast about it and tell others about the benefits of this car rental app.


How Easy It Is To Use Turo

  1. You create an account and give your drivers license information. This secures your account to make sure you have a valid license.
  2. Next, choose a car, any car! There are so many to choose from and at many different price points to fit your budget.
  3. Enter the city you’d like to rent the car from and for how long the rental would be.
  4. The app selects cars in the area available for rent. There are options from a Toyota to even a Rolls Royce. Hey, if you have the budget, go for it!
  5. You reserve the car through the app (like reserving an airbnb)  and read the car owners instruction for pickup! You’ll then exchange information for security and the car is yours!

Whether you rent a car because you have to or for leisure, this is the most convenient and safest app I’ve used so far.

I ended up renting a Fiat and it was a great and fun experience driving an electric car, since I always wondered how they worked.

Think about how AMAZING this would be if you travel out of state or want to do a quick road trip for the weekend and not wear out your own car. Or maybe cruise in your dream convertible on PCH.

By the way, you can also make extra money by renting out your own vehicle. It’s perfect if you have an extra vehicle sitting around in the garage or have a weekend car. Learn more about that here.

Would you use Turo? If so, here’s $25 off your first rental. Leave your thoughts on the comments below.