Instagram’s Top Hashtags

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Why do we love Instagram so much?  Is it for the photo-enhancing filters?  Or could it be it’s beautful and fun way we share our life with our friends?  Let’s admit it, it’s not just about sharing those delicious enchiladas or mouth watering margaritas, secretly we want to see how many ‘likes’ we can capture.  Don’t be ashamed, there are ways to capture more likes by sharing your photos in other communities besides showing them to your insta followers.

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while now, you may already be aware of ‘tags’.  What are tags?  Well, they are similar to hashtags that you may already use on Twitter.  What are hashtags?  Oh que la…well, if you have to ask, we’re going to have to come back to that on a different post.  In the meantime, let’s get you ahead of the insta-game.

Here are a few ‘tags’ to consider to get more eyes on your chilaquiles:

1.  #love

Top tag for Instagram is about pure emotion. Us Latina’s know about that, considering how passionate we are about eveything in life.  Most photos tag under this keyword can be animals, yourself and of course, Enrique Iglesias, or whomever or whatever you #love.

Instagram Photo Credit @ivnafreitas

2.  #instagood

Another popular tag you may see often is #instagood, as many instagramers aim to get more likes & comments by posting photos that makes them proud to show off.  And I’m not talking about the self-half naked photos, presumidas.


Instagram Photo Credit @zumazira

3.  #tweegram

So most of us like to share our images on Twitter and Facebook, like normal geeks, but instagramers choose to express themselves on a #tweegram.  Tweegram is a tool that let’s instagramers type a tweet-lenght message and turn it into an instagram message.  Chicas, we don’t always need to know EVERYTHING about you, but thanks for sharing.

Instagram Photo Credit @bweesquared

4.  #photooftheday

Just like getting family approval for being the daughter that mom can brag about to the tias & comadres, #photooftheday tag is used an example that instagramers use to get approval from their friends & followers.

Instagram Photo Credit @glaponk

5.  #instamood

It is said that people like to express their emotions and moods through their photos by using certain filters, like this one.  Or perhaps its sharing a photo of something they’re in the mood for?  Either way #instamood seems to be a pretty popular tag amongst instagramers.

Instagram Photo Credit @pierrexerxesPierre

6.  #me

Vamos chicas, we know this may be every ladies favorite instagram tag, the self portrait of yourself.  I think I’ve seen every post from no makeup (I’m guilty) to full on pose of a whole new makeover.  Plus let’s not forget those self portraits of yourself bored in your car while sitting in traffic.  How many of you are guilty of that pose?  As long as you don’t pose that classic MySpace (what’s that?) duck face photo in a bathroom mirror, it’s all good with this tag.

Instagram Photo Credit @AndyMarquez

 7.  #cute

Now this tag could mean many things, from Hello Kitty, to sparkly iphone cases, adorable gatito/perrito or celebrity.  Aww, que cute.  After all we’re all entitled to define cute in our own way. Maybe #QueCute should be a tag to consider for #LatinaGeeks?

Instagram Photo Credit @necokat

 8.  #igers

Instagramers, also known as igers, love sharing photos of everything they love, from friends, food, tequila  to themselves.  You’ll see anything and everything under this tag, it’s basically a free for all tag.

Instagram Photo Credit @pascaleceline

9.  #iphoneonly

Do you remember the time when instagram was only available to iPhone users?  Android users had to wait quite some time and it wasn’t until April 2012 that they could start playing with the app.  Early adopters or iPhone owning igers make a point of sharing this tag onto their photos.  Que pelioneras.

Instagram Photo Credit @nadav_levi

10.  #picoftheday

So do you think your photo is better than everyone’s photo on instagram?  #picoftheday tag is mostly used by those who think their photo is better than the 5 million other photos shared on the app.  Hey, it could happen, you could possibly have ‘the’ #picoftheday!

Instagram Photo Credit @kush_dawg

As instagramers or iGers are figuring out how to get their photos viewed and liked, you will start seeing that instagram images are not tagged as they should be.  But you can still browse through the tags to discover many different communities you could start getting involved with or just meet other iGers.

An easier way to discover tag communities is by using third party websites like Webstagram or Statigram.  Both instagram web viewers are easy to use and will keep you up to date of all the hottest trending tags used by instagramers.

So now that we shared what tags are trending on instagram, would you start using tags more if you’re not already using them?  The only thing I see missing from all these great tags is the use of one important tag…#LatinaGeeks.  Let’s see if we can get that fabulous tag to trend, amigas.

What do #LatinaGeeks share photos of?  Can’t wait to see what you post.