Introducting inCync: The World’s Smallest and Lightest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Wearable technology has been on our radar, as we have been trying new wearable fitness gadgets in the past few months. Just recently, I’ve been introduced to a company, inCync™, that is raising funds on Kickstarter to launch the world’s smallest and lightest portable Bluetooth® speaker.

So how is inCync different? I found that this device is unique in the way that it has Siri®/voice assist capabilities and produces a crystal clear sounds, all while giving the user the ability to hear ambient sounds. Meaning, since the device does not go over the ears, you are able to hear car horns, emergency vehicles, etc. So, say you are out jogging or riding a bike, you will remain fully aware of your surroundings. That’s a great safety feature. Especially for moms that are on the go.

Another feature that is unique, is that the devices clips on caps, clothing, purses and backpacks. Basically, anywhere that works for you.

The size of the device is less than 2 inches in height and width and weighs less than an once. The built in microphone provides the echo free and wind suppressed sound quality. The wind suppressed feature is important to me when making phone calls. There is nothing more annoying while on a conference call and you can hear wind from another line.

I’ve used other Bluetooth speaker devices that have produced a greater quality than expected, but I wouldn’t say they were crystal clear nor did they have voice assist capabilities. That sounds pretty amazing to me.

It’s easy to use. Simply click the button to sync with Bluetooth devices, power up and down, play/pause track, answer/end calls and to speak with Siri and other smartphones.


Here are some ideas on how to use inCync:

  • Listen to music, audio books, and podcasts while keeping your iPhone or Smart Phone safely tucked away in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Make and receive phone calls – hands free.
  • Listen to turn-by-turn directions from your iPhone or Smart Phone GPS.
  • Interact with Siri on iPhone and equivalent voice assistants on Android and other Smart Phones

Take a look for yourself and see how inCync works:

The inCync team has just a few more days to go to make their unique Bluetooth device available to the world. Visit their Kickstarter campaign to learn more how to make a pledge.