Job Hunting at Age 50? Here’s Helpful Tips to Finding a New Job

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Finding yourself jobhunting at 50 years old can be scary.  Figuring out what steps to take first is not always easy.  Before the internet, the best option to find a job was through printed classified ads. The internet has caused an explosion of information for jobseekers.  Here are some helpful tips that I found through AARP while doing a little research.

It’s time to focus on you

  • Use a job search schedule
  • Create a budget
  • Create a support system
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Take care of your health
  • Connect with others
  • Seek mental health support
  • Check out income supports, review all of your recurring payment accounts
  • Review your insurance policies, health, automobile and home
  • Find out what your state has to offer
  • Get help with your taxes
  • Give yourself a day off during your job search

Target your job search

  • Get new experience and skills
  • Create a personal marketing plan
  • Conquer the job application and interview process
  • Meet people who know people
  • Connect with organizations that help employers find talent

AARP Foundation links us to a site where there are locations where there is support for the 50+ crew, here are some local workforce services and community partners by State;

Also, here are some great sites that are a must to keep an eye on during your job search;


A must in today’s workforce.  Update your Linkedin profile with a professional (looking) picture, update it with your resume, experience.  Have colleagues and clients endorse you while you are working or have finished a project.  Don’t be shy to add to your connections, it’s important to show just how many connections you have in your community and you may be able to use them as resources/ references when looking for work.


You can set up a search based on your field of interest.  You can narrow down by job.  Create a dedicated folder where your leads will file in to so that you can make your research easier and organized.


Another site where you can set your parameters, job interest, location, and have them do the job hunting for you!


I like ziprecruiter because once you set your parameters, you upload your resume and apply, you can see when the company opens and views your resume.  Once you are on a routine, you can actually apply with one click.


See what people are saying about their job, managers and get a feel from the inside of the company and what employees are saying.

It’s never too late to reinvent ourselves.  Be confident in all of the knowledge that you have gained throughout the years.  Whether it is a yard duty at the elementary school  to an executive at a fortune 500. You never know when to expect to be on the job market, stay relevant and keep your network and connections close.

Good luck job hunting, and if you are in a job now, keep your network tight and close to you.