Latina Approved Apps to Help You Find Childcare

Your mom or abuelita may not always be available, but help is only a mobile click away!

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Life with a new baby is quite the adjustment. If you are a new mom, you may still be struggling with feelings of self-identity – will late night feedings poop and baby cries define who you are moving forward? Will you want to go back to work? Can you afford to stay home? How about getting your pre-baby body back? How will you have time for it all?

Trying to get your own life back together requires time management, organization and, most importantly, HELP! As a Latina, I know that having my relatives, who I love and trust most, care for my baby would be the ideal choice so I can do all the things on my never-ending list of things that require my attention. But in today’s tech era, we no longer have to rely on las tias, las abuelitas or la vecina to help care for your baby.

Fortunately, there are numerous apps and websites that can help find childcare and free up some of your time.


Zum is an app that not only helps find childcare; it can find rides for their children to and from activities. According to the company, all drivers have children experience and go through an extensive background check.  Cons: only available for San Francisco Bay Area resident and has a high hourly rate. Any Bay Area Latina moms out there?



Care is the first app I tried when looking for a babysitter so I could go to the gym and initially liked. It matched me with many local sitters within the price range I wanted to pay but to get in contact with the sitter I had to pay a monthly fee which I didn’t like too much. I would rather pay per use. I also read that canceling a monthly subscription is not easy and if you’d like a background check, you need to fork out even more money. They’ve also failed to miss key information on their sitters – so good bye before I grab a sitter from the greñas! A better choice may be Seeking Sitters, although it is more expensive, each sitter is checked by a private investigator instead of an online background check.


Urbansitter searches your area to find the top-rated babysitters and shows recommendations from your neighbors. The site boasts that most requests receive a response in 15 minutes. Using the site is free and if you live in a major metropolitan area, you will find many babysitters across a range of cost options.



Babysitting is expensive and a luxury not everyone can afford. If you are not interested in a regular sitter, Sitting Around is a site that connects you to local babysitting coops, where you and other parents you know can trade sitting hours. Membership to the site costs $15 per year and the babysitting is free. Don’t know how I feel about dropping my kid off with strangers for free (nada is free decia mi abuelita!), but some people may not have a choice and this app connects them with others that have the same need.


Maybe what you need is help around the house. When your baby is little, he needs YOU, but for everything else, you can find someone else to do it. Get your Saturday morning mom out of your head telling you are a huevona and to clean the house yourself, and do not stress about the chores! Use TaskRabbit to connect you to local people who will help you get the job done and give you back your time to care for YOU. Taskrabbit might also be more affordable than a sitter because there is a wider range of prices. The great thing about using this service is that the people performing the tasks are vetted by TaskRabbit and all jobs are insured.