#LatinaGeeks Round up of the Best Gadgets at CES 2018

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#LatinaGeeks did not walk the CES floor in Las Vegas this year, but we did depend on our friends on location to cover the best tech in 2018.  Based on several tech reports and our friends on the ground, we bring you what we believe is a good round up of the best at CES.

The Family Robot Dog

We hear that Sony’s Aibo will be  the cutest gadget of the year. The robot dog made its grand return at CES 2018, and it’s just too adorable. With OLED eyes for better expressions, voice controls, motion-detection, and smarter intelligence downloaded directly from the cloud, the new Aibo improves on the original in every way. But don’t get too excited, the price point will come in at $2,000 , but you will save on Vet fees and dog food.

Prevent Skin Cancer

We are always looking at fashion tech.  This year, L’Oreal is demonstrating a thumbnail-worn smart device that’s less than two millimeters thick. The new UV Sense is a battery-free wearable for your fingertips.UV Sense is a battery-free electronic sensor that’s designed to monitor your sun exposure and, when coupled with an NFC-enabled smartphone, help limit your skin cancer risk. You can affix the sensor to your thumbnail — where, apparently, you get optimal sunlight exposure — for up to two weeks. You’ll  later need to re-apply it with a fresh adhesive patch, several of which come included in the box.

Designer Touchscreen Smartwatch

Kate Spade, known for its colorful, bubble-gum aesthetic that draws girls from all over the world to its purses and accessories, has made its first touchscreen smartwatch. The Android Wear device was unveiled at CES 2018, and it doesn’t have a name other than “Kate Spade scallop touchscreen.”

Kate Spade New York presents the brands first-ever touchscreen smartwatch! Powered by Android Wear 2.0, style meets tech with a signature scallop top ring on the 41.5mm display dial. Swipe through several novelty and classic dials to fit your look, while staying in the loop on your notifications, social media, and weather updates with clever animations. The Google Play store makes it easy to browse and download apps directly to your watch. No need to sacrifice style or connectivity with the perfect feminine touchscreen smartwatch. With a scalloped rose gold IP case and sleek leather strap, the watch is iPhone® and Android compatible.

A Spade logo is etched onto the knob on the right of the case. The device also comes with three animated watch faces that fans will find familiar, like the “New York minute” cab graphic and the daisy with falling petals.

The watch launches Feb. 5th, only black and nude leather straps will be available for $295, along with a rose-gold metal bracelet option for $325.


Smart Home Devices

In the smart home electronic space, CES has for the past several years been a launch pad in introducing home appliances at this show.  There is a plethora of home electronics, so we went with what makes our lives easier. My favorite, the LG InstaView ThinQ™ Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator.  When you select a desired recipe on the InstaView fridge, it will automatically start preheating the EasyClean oven. It even preps the QuadWash dishwasher for a deep-cleaning cycle if you happen to be making something tough to clean, like lasagna. Alexa’s on board as well, giving you step-by-step instructions along the way.

During CES, LG made many introductions to a range of smart appliances that thrive on sharing information to help you get things done. The centerpiece is LG’s next Alexa-capable fridge, the InstaView ThinQ. LG InstaView ThinQ is the culmination of cutting-edge refrigeration technology and maximum convenience and efficiency. Featuring a 29-inch touch LCD display that transforms from a computer display to a transparent window with just two knocks, the intelligent refrigerator recommends delicious recipes based on what is on hand to provide a revolutionary answer to the timeless question of what to eat for dinner. Once a recipe is selected, the fridge automatically sends the information to a connected oven with Alexa verbally guiding the chef through each step of the process, for a fuss-free cooking experience. Users can also access and listen to their favorite songs on Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and other streaming music services directly on the InstaView ThinQ for a more pleasant cooking and dining experience.

LG hasn’t said how much these appliances will cost or when they’ll ship, but it’s likely they’ll sit on the higher end.  You can see more of what was announced at CES in the smart home section of the show here.

The Wearable Breast Pump

To finish off our roundup, we looked for two of the most “aha” products; lets start with the Willow Wearable Breast Pump.  Willow is unique because everything works inside the Pump and inside your bra—with no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles to hold you back.

First, you align Willow with your breast, wait for the Pump to initiate latch, and then secure it inside your bra. Once latched, Willow senses let-down and automatically switches to expression phase based on your individual milk production. Your milk flows into the disposable, spill-proof Milk Bag tucked securely inside the Pump. And the best part is you can move freely while you pump and track your milk progress in real time on the Willow App.

When you’re done pumping, simply open Willow and remove the Milk Bag (which doesn’t leak, thanks to our innovative one-way valve). Then pour it right into a bottle or store it in the fridge or freezer for later.

Everything you need to pump (yes, even the Milk Bag) is inside Willow®. Designed to work quietly in your bra with no attachments, Willow lets you keep your clothes on—so you can move and pump as you please.

Willow works inside your bra with no cords, tubes, or bottles attached, you can now be part of every moment. Just check the Willow App to keep tabs on your pumping progress.

Get added to the interest list and be a first to try during the beta phase

The Futuristic Travel Bag

The ForwardX Bag, This Futuristic Suitcase Will Automatically Follow Its Owner Through the Airport. the suitcase contains sensors that will track its owner anywhere he or she goes. It will then follow them like a well-trained dog using its four-wheel-drive system, avoiding any speed bumps along the way thanks to its 170-degree, wide angle camera.

And truly, this suitcase will never get lost as it uses some seriously high-tech tracking and identification algorithms to identify its owner. It will also sound an alarm if it gets too far away from its owner, or if someone tries to steal it. According to our friends at Ubergizmo.

So what were your favorite CES gadgets this year?