Luis Coronel Possibly Launching His Own Headphones with Monster Products

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Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo, 19-year-old Regional Mexican singer, Luis Coronel, is looking into his own designer headphones with Monster Products.

Luis Coronel was spotted at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month where he performed for Monster Products 2016 Retailer Awards, along with many other music artists.  In fact, if you had a chance to swing by the Monster booth, you were almost guaranteed a celebrity sighting. Celebrities were continuously coming in and out of the booth, trying to see what’s new, and of course to see up close and personal the Bentley Continental GT ‘Monster by Mulliner” luxury vehicle.  As you can see, Luis Coronel looked great in the driver seat of that gorgeous Bentley!

Luis Coronel Monster Products

We had a chance to chat with Luis to hear his thoughts about all the technology and what he was doing with Monster Products.  Turns out that not only was it his first time at CES, but he’s working on a new partnership with Monster Products!  That’s right ladies, soon you’ll be able to wear his stylish headphones and listen to all your favorite Luis Coronel music.

What do you think of the video interview? Will you buy his new Monster headphones?

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Photo Credit: Monster Products