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Latino Facts:

  • Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S. with an estimated population of 50.3 million.
  • One in every 5 person is Latino.
  • The number of Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. is expected to grow 55% in the next six years to 5.2 million.
  • Latinos will spend over 1.3 Trillion dollars in this year on electronics, and personal items.
  • Latinos are the most underrepresented group in the digital and technology space.
  • 76% of Latino internet users say they access the internet on a cellphone, tablet or other mobile handheld device at least occasionally.
  • 70% of Latino internet users say they use Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites.

About #LatinaGeeks:

  • Established in 2013, LaLa Castro and Tanya Salcido were brought together thanks to a common passion — the love of technology and all things digital. With backgrounds in marketing, eCommerce, and social media, these early adopters of tech found a gap within the online Hispanic community. It was at that pivotal moment#LatinaGeeks was born.
  • #LatinaGeeks mission is to empower and inspire women by spreading knowledge of entrepreneurship, social media and technology
  • #LatinaGeeks promotes and reviews the latest gadgets, mobile applications, social technology and supports local tech-startups that women can apply to their daily lives and/or business.
  • In the fall of 2017, #LatinaGeeks designed the “Latinas Learn to Code” program to help bridge the gender gap in the tech programming industry by providing an introduction to the foundations of HTML, CSS and JavaScript — the three building blocks of the web.

    Attendees of the Latinas Learn to Code workshop are diverse in age and career level.

    • Ages range from 18 to 55
    • Entrepreneurs
    • College Students
    • Professional Women

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  • “I just realized that I’m the walking definition of your mission statement. I’ve been fighting it for years, but I guess it’s finally time for me to own up to it. Here it goes…Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie Bravo and I’m a #LatinaGeek!!!” – Stephanie Bravo
  • “Great new site for #LatinaGeeks like me!” – Ginger Zumeata
  • “I am a huge huge fan of “geeks”, social media and a proud Latina. I ask you to please “Like” the page and support this informative page and share our experiences or if we have any questions they are so willing to help us all learn more about what is going on with technology. Many may think us women do not have brains, well, check the page out! Prove them wrong!” – Wanda
  • “I want to be a LatinaGeek!” –Teresa Fritzler
  • “Thanks finally a site for Latinas who often find themselves at Fry’s Electronics checking out the latest gadget just as often as hitting the Macy’s Sale. Cheers from the High Tech Chicana, Maria G Hernandez”
  • “You don’t know the effect your “teachings” had on me! Thank you! Your simple ideas and suggestions left my mind going in circles….finally someone was able to be sincere and let me know what to do with my blog. In my mind I had the idea of what I wanted, but you finally gave me the answer and now I know what direction I need to follow to grow, to be different and to shine.” – Mayra Rodriguez