Mira No Mas, VIZIO Now Makes Computers: VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC Review

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Looks like VIZIO is stepping up their game and bringing sexy back in computers.  How could you not be impressed by TV maker VIZIO’s first line of all-in-one Touch PCs.  It’s sleek design is thin, clean and muy sexy.  Priced at $800 and up, this touchscreen PC with Windows8, clean system, no junkware does look pretty good, but does it perform just as good as it looks?  Vamos a ver.

 Lo que me gusta – What I like:

  • Gotta love the 24″ inch thin monitor, (it’s available in 24″ and 27″ inch sizes) which is connected to the base of the computer.  This is great, because there’s less visual clutter of cables running everywhere.
  • The computer also comes with a remote control and wireless keyboard and touch pad that comes with a premium feel to it.  Also, very thin, light and sexy.  Keeps your desk clean looking and organized.  I like.
  • There’s also HDMI inputs, which is great if you would like to connect your BlueRay player or even game consoles.  You can actually use your monitor as a TV and watch all your favorite movies.  I do have to admit, the screen quality on this monitor is pretty bad a** for a computer.
  • Going back to the monitor, this model has a touchscreen, which makes your experience with Windows8 more pleasurable. Now if you’re an iPhone user like me, tell me…how many times have you touched your computer monitor screen trying to make things happen.  You know you’ve done it once or a few times like me.  Well with the Vizio All-in-One, you can actually use this feature to explore the Windows8 system.  This feature specifically is what I found to be the hottest feature of it all and it’s glare resistent.  Saaaay what?!
  • If you do decide to either hear music or use your computer as a entertainment hub, the remote definitely is a plus!  Just sit back, relax and enjoy your series of whatever’s, because you don’t have to get up to turn up the volume or turn off the computer.
  • Speaking of music, add your music library ladies, because you’re going to love the sound in this machine.  This pc will make your desk shake.  Shakira tunes, here we come!  The sound is awesome compared to most standard monitor speakers.
  • Now for us Social Geeks, there is a built in camera for Skype chats and Google+ Hangouts.  Haven’t had the chance to play with that feature yet.  But it’s great to know it has it.


Lo que no te podria gustar – What some may not like:

  • Now this is no deal breaker, but keep in mind that the processor is compatible to a notebook-grade.  Vizio had to design it this way in order to keep this compartment thin and sexy.  Now to be fair, this computer is not marketed to graphic snobs or gamers.
  • All though I do like the wireless keyboard, it does seem that the keyboard is bit smaller than your standard size.  The keys seemed to be all snugged together, which if you have man hands, this may be a major problem.  It’s something you may need to adjust to.  Hey, if we can ninja-text our amigas with your mobile phone keypads, we can get used to this keyboard, right?
  • This computer doesn’t come with a mouse, but a touch pad.  It’s similar to a notebook touch pad, just bigger, very spacious.  Now if you’ve never used anything but a mouse, this may be a challenge.  If you get to the point that you want to pull your hair out, que te quieres sacar las grenas, then you can just plug in your mouse.  Warning:  it will clash with the chic look!  Hey come on, live a little, learn something new.

Por fin – Final Thought:

Considering this is Vizio’s first try in the pc world, I have to say their first line is impressive.  Of course there’s always room for improvement.  The only part I have to say I wasn’t too crazy about has been the touch pad, maybe I just need to keep playing with it?  I don’t know, will you judge me if I install my mouse?  Maybe I can find a sexy mouse that matches?  The touch screen monitor and it’s quality was definitely the winner for me.  Now it’s time for me to play and figure out Windows8, which will be a challenge for this Mac user.  I’m always ready for a challenge   How hard could it be?

So tell us, what are your thoughts so far for this sexy All-in-One Touch PC so far?  Would you want one?

For more specs:  Visit Vizio All-in-One Touch PC.