Mobile App Provides Tattoo Ideas to Breast Cancer Survivors After a Mastectomy

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Mobile app, Inspiration, arrives in time for breast cancer awareness month

With 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, we are all likely to know someone that has battled the cancer.

What most people do not realize is that 56 percent of women that opted for mastectomies, are left with scars and often no nipples.

A new mobile app named Inkspiration by, which stands for personal ink, allows breast cancer survivors a way to “try on” mastectomy tattoos in the privacy of their own homes. The app was created as a way to help women reclaim their scarred bodies and also to turn something painful into something beautiful.


The inspiration of the app started with a woman named Molly. She’s one survivor who didn’t want to accept breast cancer on its own terms. After a mastectomy left her scarred, Molly decided to get creative. She decided to redesign her breasts completely—with images of her choice. Unfortunately, she found few tattoo resources for breast cancer survivors—an obvious void that a concerned group of citizens wanted to fill. So was to help Molly and others like her.


How it works:

Users can select a body type or upload a photo to get a better idea of what designs might look like on them. The Inkspiration app houses a growing library of tattoo inspiration, more than 1,000 post-mastectomy tattoos, and helps users identify real-world tattoo artists with mastectomy experience.

A view of the mobile app itself:


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See the app in action:

The app is currently available for iOS and an android version is in the works. A future feature of the app will include temporary tattoos women can order. Download here.

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