Mobile Live-Streaming on YouTube has arrived

YouTube has introduced live-streaming for mobile. Find out how this changes video creation for all creators.

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YouTube, the leading online video platform, and the second largest search engine has now opened up Live Streaming on mobile to users with more than 100 subscribers. 

Before, users with 10k or more subscribers were the only ones allowed to use the live-stream option. In April, they lowered the limit to 1,000 subscribers. They’ve now lowered it to people with 100 subscribers. This is so that the right creators are the ones creating entertaining and engaging content.

If there is too much random content on YouTube, it will become more cluttered with no appeal to viewers and stray people away. YouTube hopes to maintain the quality of their content so that they can make live-stream a unique experience on their platform.

You can stream directly from your iPhone AND even share the screen.

Gamers will be able to benefit from this most so that gamers can show tutorials on how to play certain games straight from their iPhone! The functionality is endless and can be used however users see fit to stream from the iPhone screen directly to YouTube.

YouTube is also introducing a different take on the comment stream feature. You can now ‘pause the chat’. You can moderate the chat feed in real-time by holding “alt/option” button and hover over messages that you can approve or remove from the chat.

The gaming world is growing exponentially. According to Social Media Today, eSports is “on track to become a $1.5 billion industry by 2020”. YouTube is entering the gaming world in hoping to benefit from this growth.

YouTube hopes to appeal to more people with the live-streaming features they are now offering.

Here’s how to do it…

First, Make sure your channel is verified.

  • On desktop, Go to ‘Creator Studio’ tools, click on “Live Streaming”
  • On mobile, create a livestream.

There are three options for the live streaming feature. You can choose to….

      1. Stream now: Youtube will automatically start streaming and stop the stream.
      2. Events: You have more control by being able to preview a live stream, choose on when you want to go live and have backup streams.
      3. Mobile: Stream straight from the Youtube app. An archive of past live streams are saved to your channel and you can choose to publish or hide it.


This live stream feature is a great way for subscribers to get to know the channel owner personally and in turn, for the owner to interact with subscribers. If you’ve live streamed on other social channels before, you’ll know that this feature is fun and easy to do. Now you can try it on YouTube!

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Source: Social Media Today