Monster SuperStar™ Backfloat Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: The Perfect Summer Companion

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Take the party with you this summer with a portable Monster SuperStar™ Backfloat Wireless Bluetooth speaker.

The Monster SuperStar is known as the world’s smallest audiophile Bluetooth speaker. It’s very lightweight and fits nicely in your handbag or beach bag! Yes, you can take it with you to the beach, pool or jacuzzi. The boomtastic speaker is water-resistant, so no need to worry about water splashing and interrupting your favorite tunes. The silicone will offer protection and will also allow your portable speaker to float on water.Monster-super-star-side-latinageeks Monster-super-star-front-latinageeks

Not only is the size of the speaker perfect, but the sounds that come out it will wow you. It’s so clear and the bass is on point. You’d think the sounds are coming from a full-sized speaker.

Aside from the amazing outdoorsy options the Monster SuperStar provides, you can also use it for conference calls. Just because you’re poolside, doesn’t mean the business communications stop, right? You can use the Monster SuperStar built-in mic and experience a crystal clear phone conversation all while holding that summertime cocktail.

After using the Monster SuperStar, here are my top three favorite features:

  1. Quick charge – I found the charge time for the speaker didn’t take long at all and a full charge got me about 5 hours of play time — perfect for nighttime tunes under the stars.
  2. Clear sound – The clarity of the music is so impressive. I’ve tried other compact speakers, but they sounded thin and muddled. I think what makes the Monster SuperStar is the full, rich sounds. The speaker houses two bass radiators; one in front and one in back.
  3. Water-resistant – I took my speaker on a camping trip and was happy when I was able to easily wash off the dirt from the campground in the nearby lake. I also didn’t have to worry about the wine splashing on the speakers. Yes, I had a party foul, but the tunes kept on rockin’.

So, this summer when you’re making your party checklist, don’t forget to add the Monster SuperStar™ Wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s available in super fun colors, such as neon blue, neon pink, neon green, or gray. The Monster SuperStar may be purchased at your neighborhood Walmart or at from $81.69.

We’d like to help you get started your summer parties with a $25 Walmart gift card. Let us know how you’d use the wireless speaker at your next fiesta in the comment section below.