Mother’s Day 2017: Last Minute Gadget Gift Ideas for Mamá

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As mother’s we say we have it all with just the love from our family.  But sometimes mom’s can use a little extra help with technology.

We recently ran a survey asking our Latina mom’s what they would like for Mother’s Day this year and besides the obvious requests of more sleep, clean house, staycation, massage and spa day, here’s the most popular gadget gifts requested in 2017: camera, audio device, voice assistant, fitness tracker, & smartphone accessory.

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera

For mom who cherishes special moments and wants to save them on her fridge or photo album.  Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera allows you to snap, print, and share all of your favorite photos instantly with app-driven creative & new Bluetooth connectivity. Its available in six colors, white, black, red, pink, blue and purple. $179.99

Sony Portable Wireless Bluetooth SRS-XB40 Speaker

For the music lover mom who enjoys her music and loves to dance.  Mom’s house is the hub of all family events, and where the family gathers, there’s a party!  The Sony wireless speaker is compact, portable and guaranteed to fill the room with mom’s favorite music with its deep bass sound and turn it into dance party.  It also features an app called Fiestable, which allows you to be a DJ and change its flashing colors as the music plays.  My favorite part to this speaker is that it also allows to connect up to 10 SRS-XB40 speakers to really maximize the sound.  $250

Google Home

Google Home is powered by Google Assistant.  Mom can ask it questions, tell it to do things, and it will also recognize her voice for a more personal experience when she asks for help.  With a simple voice command Google Home will play her favorite music, get the latest in weather & traffic and even manage her tasks.  There’s so much more Google Home can do, basically, it will be the child or husband that listens to her, no matter what. $115,

Timex IQ Move Watch

For mom who wants to be active and keep track of her health but doesn’t care for the bulky fitness tracker, the Timex IQ Move watch would be perfect for her. It may look like a simple watch, but it does so much more.  Mom can track her daily activity and sleep without ruining her look.  Everything can be controlled through her smartphone. $149

Karat Mother of Pearl Phone Case

For the stylish mom who loves to sparkle and wear jewelry, we have the perfect phone case that will not only go with everything she wears, but will also protect her phone from scratches and falls.  This case has a lifetime warranty. $50